• good men are hard to find

    7 Reasons Why Good Men Are Hard to Find

    “Where have all the good men gone?” Is this something you often ask yourself? Perhaps you feel that every guy you’ve recently dated seems a little off and that good men are hard to find. Sure, some of your online dates weren’t half terrible, and some of it may be fun, but there always seems to be something missing. Or maybe you’re having trouble finding matches on online dating sites and want to give up. You can’t shake the feeling that you could do better with regards to finding an ideal match and that a part of you was looking to settle in some way. The men you find on…

  • talk about money in a new relationship

    How to Talk About Money In A New Relationship

    Don’t want to talk about money in a new relationship? That’s perfectly understandable. Frankly, money matters aren’t romantic or sexy at all. Who wants to talk about credit scores and savings while you’re still catching feelings from your first date, right? Many of us view money as a taboo topic, even until now. Some of us were raised to think so. Others are just simply uncomfortable about this somber subject. Despite the internet age being open to most things, we still can’t help but feel a little queasy whenever someone brings it up. It’s that bad. The thing is, you two are going to have to talk about it sooner…

  • jealousy when online dating

    How to Overcome Jealousy When Online Dating

    Jealousy is something that no one wants to experience. However, jealousy is an emotion that almost all of us will experience at some point in our lives. Jealousy isn’t a huge problem when it shows up once in a while; the problem is when it takes over everything we do and can no longer control it. It can be unsettling to witness what occurs when we let our jealousy control our emotions and affect our perceptions of ourselves and the world around us. Learning how to cope with jealousy in healthy, adaptive ways is vital, from our connections to our professional careers to our dating life. And trust us when…

  • how filipinos show their love

    10 Unique Ways Filipinos Show Their Love

    In romantic relationships, the concept of “love” can hold a lot of weight, and people can feel anxious about communicating feelings of love to their romantic partners. It’s easy to believe that we all have the same concept of love or that our partners understand what we mean every time we say, “I love you”. Different individuals may have different views of what romantic love is and how people should communicate it. But, what does it mean to be in love? And how do we ensure that we are on the same page with our significant other even after saying “I love you”? In other words, how do Filipinos show…

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