• TrulyFilipino The Harsh Truths About Filipinos Dating Foreigners

    The Harsh Truths About Filipinos Dating Foreigners

    Love and harsh truths are often synonymous in the Filipino dating scene.  Interracial love blooms and is evident everywhere in the country. We typically see it through that lovely lady giggling by her windowsill while video calling her Western boyfriend, talking about something seemingly amusing or adorable. Or through that cheerful American foreigner holding hands with a hot Filipino guy she met at a beach club the night before. Though they show us nothing but genuine love, some people will inevitably have poor views of their relationship. This is only one of the countless stories and harsh truths about Filipinos dating someone from outside their home country. To say that…

  • When-a-Ghoster-Returns-Do-This

    When a Ghoster Returns, Do This!

    Being ghosted on by someone you deeply cared for is painful, to say the least. But when an ex comes back, when a ghoster returns, just as you were starting to feel okay may wreak havoc on your single life. Do This When a Ghoster Returns People disappearing from someone’s life without so much as a call, text, or email have become a typical occurrence. This scenario is pretty common on online platforms like social media or dating sites. What else has become a standard in the contemporary era? The ghoster comes back as if nothing happened! If you’re in this situation, follow these tips: 1. Never forget what it…

  • Ways-to-Make-a-Filipina-Fall-in-Love-With-You

    Ways to Make a Filipina Fall in Love With You

    It’s an incredible journey in and of itself to fall in love with a Filipina. Dating a Filipina single has an overall gorgeous appeal to it. When dating one, you get to experience the best of both worlds. Making a Filipina fall in love with you may seem impossible, though. This is especially true if you’re anything but romantic. But, if you strongly feel you deserve a Filipina in your life, this post will be your best friend! Forget all stereotypes and prejudices you know about them and rediscover lovely and strong Filipinas through this piece.  Seven Ways to Make a Filipina Fall in Love With You 1. Know their…

  • TrulyFilipino: Eight Filipino Wedding Traditions You Should Know Of

    Eight Filipino Wedding Traditions You Should Know

    A Filipino wedding is always special—whether it’s yours or your loved ones’. Filipinos give much regard to wedding celebrations that each ceremony never fails to become meaningful and unforgettable. And, in each celebration, couples almost always include Filipino wedding customs in it—with a hint of tradition that feels different yet familiar. There are a plethora of time-honored Filipino wedding traditions in the Philippines. These run from family involvement to strict adherence to Catholic wedding programs (e.g., incorporating Filipino money dance). Without a doubt, Filipino weddings have traditions that are a bit of a “through-the-looking-glass” experience for people in the West. If you’re here to get great ideas on how to…

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