• TrulyFilipino Being Single Isn't a Bad Thing—Here's Why

    Being Single Isn’t a Bad Thing—Here’s Why

    Being single isn't an easy feat—especially in today's world, where single women are labeled as a "lonely" bunch. Our current society has also conditioned everyone to believe that someone's a failure unless they're not in a romantic relationship. Indeed, living in a society where you get sympathetic stares when you reach a certain age and are not in a relationship or aren't married can be very hard. But, being single isn't a bad thing at all.

  • TrulyFilipino: The Reality of a Summer Fling

    The Reality of a Summer Fling

    As the summer breeze rolls around, many start fantasizing about the good ol’ summer fling. The romantic setting, the refreshing spread of foods, and great company make summer fling all the more exciting. While a summer fling with a Filipino single can make you feel a roller coaster of happy emotions, there are also drawbacks to such a seasonal romance. Before you catch feelings, let’s have a sense of what it feels like to be in a summer fling. All Things Summer Fling Perks of Being in a Summer Romance Summer is hot, and so will be your date and your entire situantionship. On the verge of signing yourself for…

  • TrulyFilipino Dating to Marry Yes or No

    Dating to Marry: Yes or No?

    Filipino singles today have unique and varied dating styles. But, there are still shared customs on local dating styles seen among the youth. We’re talking about the ‘dating to marry’ mindset. The ‘dating to marry’ is common in the Philippines as elders engraved in young people’s minds early on that marriage should always be their endgame. But, should young Filipino singles really date to marry? Filipinos have mixed views on courtship and dating. To better understand this topic, let’s first talk about traditional and modern dating, and its nuances. After which, let’s also uncover the perks and downside of dating to marry—and why some may lean on that choice. Traditional…

  • Best Valentine’s Gifts for Your Filipino Date

    The best Valentine’s gifts should be personal and meaningful. It should evoke a sense of familiarity with a dab of care and love. Since Valentine’s is just around the corner, we put together a list of gift ideas for any partner. Our gift ideas should work for the date that loves anything practical, the fashionable ones, and the ones that love everything cool and amazing. While you can always order them online, shopping IRL will always be a more favored choice! Go ahead and enjoy your virtual shopping. Best Valentine’s Gifts for Your Better Half 1. For those that appreciate each time you spend with them: Anniversary Clock Filipinos are…

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