• how filipinos celebrate christmas

    How Filipinos Celebrate Christmas

    In the Philippines, Christmas is unlike any other. It’s jam-packed with festivities and traditions. Christmas in the Philippines means lights, carols, feasts, and spending time with friends and family. So how do Filipinos celebrate Christmas? The Christmas spirit is well-known in the Philippines. They take part in one of the world’s longest Christmas seasons. On the islands, Filipino Christmas begins early—in September, to be precise. When the “Ber” months approach, the party begins! Dawn masses, also known as Simbang Gabi, are popular in the Philippines, as are Christmas songs produced by Jose Mari Chan are usually performed in public areas everywhere. Filipinos can enjoy the festive season and have a…

  • Why People Fall In Love Fast

    Are you one of those people that fall in love fast? This one’s for you. Falling in love fast is one of the experiences numbers can’t break down. No matter how much we try to rationalize it, we’re almost always left speechless when love hits us—when you know, you know! Here are some things that are quantified into statistics, though: in a 2019 Netflix survey, 72% of the 800 Filipino participants admitted to believing in soulmates; take note that some of them haven’t been in a relationship since birth. 89% of them also think that love is still alive and kicking in the country. Cue the love songs, guys! In…

  • impress filipino parents

    How to Impress Filipino Parents As A Foreigner

    In Filipino dating culture, parents play a significant role in their children’s lives and decisions. When dating someone from the Philippines, you should know that this is completely typical for most Filipinos, as Filipino families are more tight-knit than families in the West. That ultimately means you need to impress Filipino parents to get anywhere. This might not be the case forever as the Philippines adopts more Western practices. Still, there are still many Filipinas who follow the traditional stages of courtship. When pursuing a Filipina girl, the suitor goes through many obstacles and steps, including meeting the parents and asking for their blessing. Aside from earning the trust of…

  • pangasinan girls

    How to Meet Pangasinan Girls

    Many Caucasian guys find the Pangasinan charm, humor, kindness, and morena beauty irresistible, like bees to honey. They’re head over heels and vowing eternal love before they realize it. The women of the Philippines are extremely friendly and generous. And, even if you have to cope with a few sassy fights every once in a while, she won’t mock and chastise you when she proves you wrong. You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking some tips on how to meet Pangasinan girls as well as a dating guide. This article should cover all you need to know, from where to meet single girls in town for day dates,…

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