Why People Fall In Love Fast

Are you one of those people that fall in love fast? This one’s for you.

Falling in love fast is one of the experiences numbers can’t break down. No matter how much we try to rationalize it, we’re almost always left speechless when love hits us—when you know, you know!

Here are some things that are quantified into statistics, though: in a 2019 Netflix survey, 72% of the 800 Filipino participants admitted to believing in soulmates; take note that some of them haven’t been in a relationship since birth. 89% of them also think that love is still alive and kicking in the country. Cue the love songs, guys!

In all seriousness, love is a beautiful thing to experience. Just imagine spending the rest of your life with your person. But as great as it is, it can take a lot out of somebody, especially if you’re the type to fall in love fast.

According to research, it psychologically takes a person just one-fifth of a second to get your chemicals working that loved up feeling. This discovery confirms that yes—falling in love, at first sight, is possible! The question is, how and why does this happen?

We may have a few answers to that question. We’ll use both facts and expert anecdotes to raise our points. 

Let’s begin, shall we?

How Some People Fall In Love Fast

Do you find yourself falling hard and fast for someone? Here’s how your feelings play out.

1. Dopamine starts the show

People usually refer to dopamine as the feel-good hormone. This neurotransmitter owes its nickname to the pleasurable feelings it’s associated with.

How does it work? Let’s paint an imaginary picture out. Say you’re checking people out while you’re on a night out with your friends. As you continue your people-watching, your brain starts forming little thoughts. “You have a specific idea of what it takes to meet your needs based on your past experiences,” says Inner Mammal Institue founder Loretta G. Breuning. 

When you find the one person that catches your attention, your feel-good hormones go into overdrive. Let the chase begin!

2. Enter oxytocin

Oxytocin, come on down! This second hormone is known to many as the love hormone. So if the love bug bit you, this may be the one responsible for that.

If you’re a cynic who doesn’t believe in love, we’d like to report that oxycontin’s still a must in your system. While it’s commonly associated with romantic feelings, oxytocin helps out in the socializing department too. When we form new connections with people that leave smiles on our faces, you know that the love hormone’s done its job.

Not only does oxytocin make you feel sparks, but it also helps people build trust. Whether or not your potential partner deserves that trust is another question for a different conversation.

3. Serotonin rounds the hormones out

falling in love fast
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Serotonin is #3 in the happy hormone trio. This one plays a role in a person’s mood, circadian rhythm, sleep, digestion, and brain function. 

If you’re wondering how this happy hormone contributes to falling in love fast, here’s how it works its magic: your serotonin levels lower down when you’re catching feelings, altering your mood, and increasing your desire at the same time. 

One study discovered that people with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) usually have low serotonin levels, which explains why some focus their concentration and energies on their partners and brush anything else aside during their relationship’s early stages. So if you wonder why people say that love is blind, this is why.

Why Do People Fall In Love Fast?

Have you wondered why some people fall head over heels for someone pretty quickly? You can look at these possible reasons:

1. You can’t control feelings

Feelings can hit us like a ton of bricks. For an accurate visual representation, please look at Bango the Buck above.

Seriously though, when you fall, you fall hard. No matter how much you try to stop and control yourself from catching feelings for someone, you just do. And that’s okay! When you meet someone special, just let things go and let nature take its course.

2. You gain a safe space

When you get together with your person, you feel safe around them. And we’re not just talking about physical dangers here. You’re not afraid to be vulnerable around them since they won’t judge you for that.

3. The timing is impeccable

How often do you see the apple of your eye? The more often you see the person, the more likely you are to fall quicker. No need to go the distance when he’s just around the corner!

4. Happiness begins

Let’s say you met a cute guy, and you two hit it off almost instantly. If he makes you happy, who are other people to tell you that he isn’t good for you? If you’re worried about things going too fast, think about how he makes you feel and make a decision from there.

5. You’ve finally found your person

We’ll keep this short: there’s nothing quite the feeling of finally finding the person you’re meant to be with. So what if it all happened fast? It doesn’t mean that your relationship isn’t serious as everyone else’s. 

Do Filipinos Fall In Love Fast?

At this point, you may be asking yourself if Filipinos are the type to fall hard and fast. While we can’t give you a definitive take, we’d like to raise a few points for discussion:

They’ve been waiting for a long time

As cliche as this sounds, some don’t explore the dating world because they’re waiting for the right person. While other people don’t mind the waiting game, some folks will outright disagree with this choice. 

Filipino society expects women to settle down and get married by the time they reach their thirties. If you’re an unmarried woman by that age range, there will be people who’ll shame you for it. The next time someone gets at you for playing the game, just (politely) tell them your reason and remind them to mind their own business.

They’re ensuring better lives for themselves

Everyone wants to improve their current lives. Most single Filipinos/Filipinas wish to break away from tradition and complacency for self-growth and success. 

Since they’re busy working on and for themselves, a relationship may not be on their list of priorities yet. Don’t take this against them—looking out for yourself isn’t a bad thing. And if they want to let someone into their lives, they want to make sure they’re ready for that.

They know their worth

Jumping into relationships the moment they present themselves isn’t new. However, people are starting to realize that this isn’t the wisest thing to do. Filipinos are just as aware of the pitfalls of this just as much as other people do. And to spare them the time and the pain, they hold off. They know what they’re worth, and they won’t settle for anything less than that.


Is falling in love fast a bad thing? No. However, it isn’t for everyone. Be careful and brace yourself for whatever happens next because you’ll never know what’s coming for you.

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