Uh-oh! 10 Signs Your Relationship Is Moving Too Fast

At the point when you meet your romantic partner, and you’re absolutely head over heels, a relationship can move excessively quickly. Regardless of whether you’re the type of person to take things slow or move quite fast, a new relationship can make anyone lose control of the situation. At that point, before you know it, it’s just been half a month, and you’re looking to move in together. It tends to be hard to discern whether your relationship is moving fast when you are caught up in the early dash of love.

While there’s no assurance that a relationship moving too fast will totally, decidedly end similarly just as fast, going slowly is generally a far superior choice than dashing through it. 

This phase is usually known as the “Honeymoon Phase,” where everything is novel and thrilling! In case your situation sounds similar to this, check out how the Honeymoon Phase fits into a relationship:

  • First Week: Fantasy – You’re perched on the lounge chair midway into a romantic comedy, and before you know it, you’re cleared up in a fantasy featuring you and your new romantic partner.
  • Second Week: Intensity – Within two dates, you may have the tones for your fantasy wedding handpicked on a Pinterest board.
  • Third Week: Far Fetched Behavior – After three weeks, you’re spending each waking moment together, and you’re starting to feel frustrated with each other.

Signs The Relationship Is Moving Too Fast

It’s difficult not to get caught up in the honeymoon phase of dating when the individual you’re with appears to be incredible—yet when is it over the top? Is your new relationship moving too fast? Here are ten signs that it is. And if you recognize any signs, this is the perfect time to pull back a little.

1. You Trust Them Completely

One sign of a relationship moving too fast is that you are giving away anything and everything about you. While it’s incredible that you are so open with no apprehensions, it’s not always the smart thing to do. If you are hoping to build a solid relationship that could potentially be for the long-term, there’s no compelling reason to disclose immediately every detail about you. 

Take as much time as is needed, sprinkling pieces and pieces about yourself to your romantic partner, and ask that they do likewise.

2. You’re Not Giving Each Other Enough Space

At the point when you initially meet somebody, and you can’t get enough of them, it can be challenging to give each other space since you genuinely need to be with them consistently. What’s more, you want to be in touch with them all the time during the times you can’t see each other. This is certainly understandable, but this is not just an indicator that things are going excessively quickly, but that you may be on a path to losing yourself during the process.

When you find somebody you like, it’s interesting and exciting, but pacing things is crucial so that if things fall apart, you don’t get hurt. Always remember that no relationship necessitates spending 100% of your time together.

3. You Idolize Them

Nobody is flawless. While we all know this to be true, you probably won’t perceive the truth about your new romantic partner until things are going excessively quickly and you’re fixed up in it. When this occurs, you begin to admire them and even idolize them, figuring you can’t blame them under any circumstance—which is setting yourself up for possible hurt feelings.

It can be tempting to idealize them if you feel desperate or lost. But recognizing faults in your partner isn’t a bad thing. It is a process we all go through that will ultimately make your blossoming relationship stronger.

4. Making Huge Life Decisions Is on Top of the List

It can be fun to do things together like travel, as it makes for an excellent opportunity to become more acquainted with each other. When you’re having some good moments, it’s not hard to do your very best. When things get rough, it’s another story altogether. That’s why it is important to see both sides of them first before you decide on significant life decisions about your romantic partner and your life, such as how they cope with strain, conflict, negative situations, anger, difficulty, dissatisfaction, and so forth. In other words, who they really are.

How well couples fix fights and battles defines how well they will want to grow closer over the foreseeable future.

5. Intimacy Is the Center Of the Relationship

It is completely natural to need to know if you and your partner share similar sexual qualities. If your relationship is moving quickly, you may have a lot of sex, but you don’t talk enough about other things.

Physical compatibility can be very intoxicating. When we know we are compatible with someone physically, it can make us think that the rest will follow. But on the contrary, physical compatibility can do a lot to cover up a lack of compatibility in other things like values, hobbies, and dreams. So before you fall in love with someone because of what they look like, make sure you’re on the same page emotionally and spiritually.

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6. You’re Already Thinking of Moving In Together

While you can speed things up by meeting the loved ones of your significant other, some people speed things up even more by making huge choices together for your future without meeting each other’s loved ones. How individuals identify with others is a significant sign of their identity and a glimpse of how they will handle you.

You need to look for obligation and responsibility when deciding on a significant other. There may be no better way to check for this in your potential partner than with the people they spend the most time with. You need to check their attributes, emotional intelligence, and how well they view others, encourage them, and play with them.

7. You’re Estranged From Your Friends

Regrettably, many people forget about their friends as soon as they start a new relationship. If you find yourself ignoring your friends for the new relationship, it is a very bad sign. 

Keep in mind that they are the ones who will support you through the grief when this relationship falls apart.

8. You Are Losing Yourself In the Relationship

A large number of us are guilty of putting our friends in the backseat. But as long as we make amends when the honeymoon phase is over, it’s okay.

However, if you put yourself so far down on your list of priorities, that is where the real problem is. It means you’re losing yourself in the relationship. If you’re prepared to abandon your apartment, companions, work, self-care, and qualities to be with this individual is a sign of a relationship moving too fast.

It’s hard to pull things in and go slowly at the stage where you’re head over heels for someone. However, it is significant. If you’re searching for something that can last a lifetime, building a base is essential. Flings are meant to be quick and swift, but this is not the case for relationships with long-term success.

9. You Are Always on the Phone With Each Other

Through chat and texts, they always seem to be checking up on you. At the moment, it might seem helplessly romantic, but it’s actually a very troubling sign. This is especially true when talking to them starts to feel like a chore you have to accomplish rather than a fun way to spend your time. Instead of excitedly texting back, you start to feel frustrated at having to reply to all the voice messages, calls, texts, and video calls they send your way. Once you hit that feeling, it’s a very good sign that you moved too fast.

While checking-in starts to feel like a dedication or something done to appease your partner, it is probably because your relationship is moving at a pace too fast for your comfort.

10. You Expect Your Partner To Be Perfect

In the honeymoon phase, everything feels wonderful in a new relationship. You can’t get up and can’t stop kissing, failing to remember that you have a real life with various duties. In some cases, this can end up in a beautiful long-term relationship, but it isn’t always the case.

When you’re moving too fast in a relationship, it’s easy to mistake the good feeling with your partner being perfect. Truth be told, nobody is perfect. So if you think your significant other is, it’s a bad sign. You may have to stand down to become more acquainted with one another—imperfections and all.

What’s the Rush?

It takes 3+ weeks or more for true characters to emerge. It will take that long before you begin to see your significant other’s quirks and character traits. So take it easy. What do you get by speeding up your relationship instead of investing extra time to become more comfortable with each other? Building a genuine connection requires hard work, dedication, and time. A relationship moving too fast could be a red flag you may need to dodge. So keep this in mind!

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