• pinoy men

    12 Things You Need to Know About Pinoy Men

    Is your ideal man a Filipino? Filipino men have an appealing charisma that is difficult to resist. A ‘Filipino’ is a man from the Philippines, a tropical country in Southeast Asia. Men from the Philippines, also commonly known as Pinoy men, are known to be attentive, compassionate, romantic, and sweet.  Because most people don’t know much of anything about Filipino men, they aren’t typically the first pick in the dating scene. However, if you are a foreign lady who finds Pinoy men appealing and would like to learn more about them, this post is for you. These men from Southeast Asia will undoubtedly be a wonderful match for you! Understanding…

  • dating older filipinas

    The Complete Guide to Dating Older Filipinas

    Older women’s dating life tend to be the subject of scrutiny. If they’re spotted with a younger guy, tongues will wag, and eyebrows will raise. Filipinas are, unfortunately, not exempted from this unfair treatment. How dare they date someone instead of doing ordinary old lady things, right? First of all, that reasoning is illogical. Older women are allowed to have their share of romance, even at late ages. Two, let people enjoy (unproblematic) things! Whether they’re having (legal) May-December affairs or enjoying the company of men their age and older, just let them be. It isn’t anyone’s business to meddle in her relationships. Society expects Filipina women to become submissive…

  • date in pasay

    Where To Go For The Perfect Date In Pasay

    Pasay, a highly urbanized city in the Philippines, is packed with restaurants, parks, museums, and other ideal dating spots for you and your partner. Whether it’s your first time in Pasay or you’re simply tired of traveling to more distant locations for a date. Below is a variety of some of the best places perfect for you and your date in Pasay. But always keep in mind, before leaving your house or entering these places, remember the proper COVID-19 protocol – always wear masks, sanitize your hands, and observe social distance from everyone in the area. Never forget to bring alcohol because you need it from time to time. But…

  • makati date ideas

    12 Most Romantic Makati Date Ideas

    Makati, one of the 16 metropolitan cities that constitute the Manila region, is just a few minutes away from the city center. Makati is Manila’s financial center, with a plethora of banks, businesses, and executives. This city has the makings of a first-world city with all of the first-world conveniences you’d expect. As you’d expect, then, Makati date ideas are varied and exciting. Great Makati date ideas include fine dining, viewing beautiful artwork, high-end shopping, and many more are all available. With that said, you may discover a variety of pricing for accommodations, cuisine, and antique markets to meet any budget. You can also splurge and stay in posh hotels…

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