• meet guys from australia

    How to Meet Guys From Australia

    Ah, Australian men—those Vegemite-loving, sun-kissed folks casually enjoying life as it happens. As much as pop culture loves portraying them as surfer dudes, the truth is that they’re more than their stereotypes. When you meet guys from Australia, you’ll know that this is very much reality. Australian men are not a monolith! Not all of them enjoy the beach and going around places barefoot. Shrimps on the barbie may not be their favorite food on the planet. And, as laid-back as they generally are, most still have busy lives to lead!  Don’t be surprised to see some stereotypes get debunked over time.  Are you disappointed that they all don’t look…

  • american girl filipino guy

    American Girl Looking For A Filipino Guy? Start Here

    Are you an American girl looking for a Filipino guy? You might have tons of options for who to date, but you can’t help it and want to have a Filipino man in your life. Have no fear. We have a guide for you to help you get a Filipino guy to date you. How to Impress Pinoy Singles Pinoy singles are not that hard to please. In fact, they have a special thing for American girls. They quickly get mesmerized by the beautiful faces of ladies, foreigners or not.  Not to generalize it, but most of them want to get to know you more and want to see the…

  • meet a british man

    How to Meet a British Man As a Filipina

    British charm from a British man has never failed to capture the world’s attention through the years. Gen Xers saw it in Beatlemania and the First British Invasion in the 60s, while millennials witnessed the Second and Third British Invasions in later years. We haven’t even mentioned the globe’s fascination with the Royal Family yet! Where are we getting at? What we’re trying to say is that British men are incredibly appealing. There’s just something about them that makes women everywhere swoon. Is it the accent? Maybe it’s their gentlemanly yet blunt nature. Whatever it is, they’re just head-turning specimens. Want to date an English lad? Here’s how to meet…

  • pinoy men

    12 Things You Need to Know About Pinoy Men

    Is your ideal man a Filipino? Filipino men have an appealing charisma that is difficult to resist. A ‘Filipino’ is a man from the Philippines, a tropical country in Southeast Asia. Men from the Philippines, also commonly known as Pinoy men, are known to be attentive, compassionate, romantic, and sweet.  Because most people don’t know much of anything about Filipino men, they aren’t typically the first pick in the dating scene. However, if you are a foreign lady who finds Pinoy men appealing and would like to learn more about them, this post is for you. These men from Southeast Asia will undoubtedly be a wonderful match for you! Understanding…

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