What It’s Like To Date A Filipino Guy

Finding single Filipino men to date isn’t that difficult nowadays, especially if you start online. Philippines’ dating sites save you the hassle of looking for romantic prospects whose interests are similar to yours. That’s just the first hurdle cleared, as dating a Filipino guy also comes with its own set of difficulties. Getting along with your partner can be difficult if you have a hard time understanding each other. Fortunately, you only need to consider each other’s cultural differences. Most Filipinos are more than capable of speaking English proficiently.

If you grew up in a different environment, it could be hard to understand Philippine society’s cultural norms. Fortunately, these tips for dating a Filipino man will help your relationship get off on the right foot.

Family is always on their mind.

If you’re dating a Filipino guy, expect them to be close to their family. They tend to put their family first above all. Don’t take it the wrong way, though, as this doesn’t mean that your partner will neglect you. While he admittedly divides his attention between many of his loved ones, that won’t diminish the affection he feels for you. 

His devotion to his family is also a point in his favor. If he’s that dedicated to his family, you can expect that level of commitment to be directed at you once your relationship becomes more serious. 

A happy Filipino family

You can also use this as a chance to get to know more about your partner. If you’re close to his family, they’ll tell you more about him. You’ll find out more about his childhood and see how his environment influenced him to become the person he is today. 

You’ll be able to understand your partner more and comprehend his train of thought better. It also has the added benefit of improving your communication as a couple in the long run.

Meeting the family can feel like an interview.

Getting closer to your partner’s family is easy, thanks to their friendliness and hospitality. Sometimes, however, it can feel like an interrogation. They will ask about many aspects of your life, from your line of work to your personal history.

You might feel self-conscious, especially if you’re not used to talking about yourself. It is a typical experience in the Philippines, though, as Filipinos tend to be more open regarding their personal experiences. They also enjoy conversing with other people and getting to know more about them.

If you feel disinclined to share more about yourself, you might want to look at it from another angle. Your partner’s family wants to see for themselves if you’re serious about him and if you intend to make him happy. 

You don’t need to push yourself to answer everything, however. If you don’t want to answer, you should be honest– especially if you feel uncomfortable with it. Your partner’s family will understand. Filipinos are known to be accommodating of other people, after all.

Your partner’s family just wants the best for him. If you reassure them that you feel the same, they’ll be more accepting of your relationship. Eventually, they’ll end up treating you as part of the family too.

They aren’t possessive when it comes to their belongings.

With their large family and small home, Filipinos are used to sharing their stuff with others. If you’re cohabiting or dating a Filipino guy, they’re more than okay with lending their items even if you don’t ask for permission.

On the other hand, they will do the same with your belongings. Most of the time, they end up assuming that you’re alright with lending your items without prior permission. If you’re not comfortable with that, you should tell them about it. They might not have been able to consider that you dislike it, since they grew up with the idea that it’s normal.

They’re devoted to their religion.

As a country that mainly practices Christianity, single Filipino men usually grow up to be devout Christians. They frequently adhere to various religious practices, such as blessing their meals and attending church every Sunday. They will also encourage you to do the same.

A praying Filipino guy

Their spiritual beliefs play an essential part in shaping their values, which is why many devout Filipino men are kind-hearted and virtuous. Their steadfast faith also serves as their source of strength during hard times. 

It’s alright if your religious beliefs aren’t the same as theirs. They won’t force you to change your mind. What’s important is that you respect their views and let them do their prayers and practices without ridiculing them.

Punctuality isn’t a big deal for them.

If you’re planning to meet your partner somewhere, it’s safe to assume that they’ll arrive fifteen to thirty minutes beyond the set time. This level of delay is usual for them, to the point that the Philippines is well-known for following “Filipino time.” Fortunately, they’re working hard on changing this negative impression.

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Dating Filipino men might be stressful if you dislike late arrivals. Don’t lose hope – you can always raise this concern to your partner. They’re sure to change their tardy habits if they find out that it’s something that bothers you immensely. While they’re working on improving that, try to be patient and understanding of their occasional tardiness.

They like to eat.

Eating is an integral part of Filipino culture, to the point where one of their greetings involves asking if you have eaten. Filipino families also place great importance on eating together during mealtimes. The dining table is one of the places where they connect and ask each other how they’re doing.


If you’re dating Filipino men, most of your dates will be food trips. People who enjoy exploring cuisines will have a blast. With the diverse range of Philippine cuisine, you’ll always be trying new food with your partner.

You might gain a few pounds, however, if you eat outside too often. That’s something that you should be wary of if you’re watching your weight. Try to limit the times you and your partner go on food dates. You can also talk about it with your partner and plan out dates that involve less eating and, perhaps, more exercise.

Spending time with them is always fun.

If you met your partner through Philippines’ dating site, you might notice that Filipinos tend to have a humorous personality. Their joyful demeanor helps them look at the brighter side of life, which is why they usually have a lighthearted approach to things. 

They can find happiness in the simplest things. Their relaxed attitude can be quite refreshing, which can help you destress if you’ve had an especially difficult day. If they notice that you’re feeling down, they’ll also do their best to cheer you up. 

While they’re carefree, that doesn’t mean that they’re incapable of being earnest. Filipino men know when it’s an inappropriate time to joke around. 

They’re reliable and responsible.

The Filipino’s laid back attitude helps them adopt a more flexible mindset when confronted with problems. Instead of feeling angry or helpless in a situation, they are quick to accept that there are just some things that they can’t control. 

This clear-headedness allows them to redirect their energy towards the things that they actually can affect. They’re also hardworking and will stop at nothing when it comes to resolving their issues.

A Filipino guy with his partner

You don’t see this from online dating in the Philippines, but Filipinos are also career-oriented. This dedication to work is especially applicable to younger generations. They prioritize finding a successful career and acquiring financial stability before settling down. 

While you’re dating a Filipino guy, you might find your relationship taking a backseat in favor of their career. If that happens, don’t be afraid to talk about it with your partner. You’ll need to settle on a compromise between work and relationships.

Public displays of affection aren’t part of the norm for them.

If you’re dating a Filipino guy, don’t expect them to be affectionate with you in public. Their religious background and conservative household tend to deter them from being physically affectionate with their significant others while they’re outside.

That doesn’t mean that your partner won’t ever show that they care. Unlike the West’s usual displays of affection, Filipino men express their feelings through other, more subtle ways. You can see it in the way they take care of you indirectly. It’s just hard to notice if you aren’t observant of their actions, or if you’re used to only receiving verbal and physical forms of affection.

Understandably, not everyone is satisfied with a Filipino’s level of intimacy. If that’s the case with you, then you should at least meet your partner half-way. Perhaps you can express physical affection in less overt ways, like holding hands or leaning on each other’s shoulders. Just make sure to respect his boundaries and speak about it with him beforehand.

They will treat you like royalty.

In Filipino culture, society expects men to impress the woman of their interests. This initial dating phase, also called courtship, is where you decide if you want to continue dating the person you’re seeing. 

During this time, they’ll pull out all the stops when it comes to spoiling you and treating you well. As a country that’s known for its hospitality, you can expect your significant other will take care of you even better than you do yourself. That’s what dating a Filipino guy is like.

For Filipinos, verbal affirmation is the typical way of expressing affection. They’ve been referred to as boleros in their language, as they never run out of compliments to say. Unfortunately, this sometimes gives off the impression that they’re just all talk when it comes to the relationship. Some fear that after their Filipino partner has captured their heart, they’ll stop being affectionate and caring.

You won’t have to worry about that happening. Once you’ve started going out officially, this unique treatment won’t stop– your partner might even become more caring and thoughtful than before. 

Unlike Western culture, Filipinos take dating seriously, as they consider it as a step before marriage. If you’re someone who entered the Philippines’ dating site with that in mind, you’ll be able to have the committed relationship you want.

While these tips for dating a Filipino man are useful to remember, you should also make an effort to learn more about Filipino dating culture on your own. Besides reading about it online, you can also ask your partner for help. It can help deepen your understanding of Filipino relationships, allowing you to perceive the more subtle nuances that you usually aren’t able to observe from online dating Philippines.

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