Filipino Dating: The Red Flags To Watch Out For

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In relationships, red flags can either be fixed as soon as you catch them or deal-breakers to doom the relationship. Thus, identifying it earlier in a relationship can benefit you and your partner in the long run. There might be red flags when dating a Filipino similar to other countries, yet there are some distinctions to consider. 

In a relationship with countless dating red flags, it can feel like walking on thin ice. Apprehending it is a must, so it would be best to keep your head up to avoid being in a dark place. You have to know your ideal partner in life, and you may also want to reckon on the things that you can’t tolerate.

Here is a list of warning signs that you should look for and be more aware of the Filipino dating red flags:

Poor communication

You might have heard this a hundred times that communication is one of the foundations of a healthy relationship. However, some people would still overlook this. 

Here are some of the things that indicate your relationship lacks communication. 

  • Feeling bad or guilty for bringing up what you are emotionally going through with your partner
  • Just assuming what your partner is thinking and not having to talk about it
  • Always experiencing a cold shoulder or “silent treatment”
  • Talking down to each other
  • Too defensive about specific issues 

Proper and regular interactions with your loved one can help you build a strong base. However, if you do not practice this, there could be underlying problems that are occurring or will occur in your relationship. To avoid having a domino effect of issues, fix your communication channel.  

Avoiding conflicts 

As one of the most common Filipino dating red flags, avoiding confrontations can mean that your partner doesn’t care about the issue and doesn’t want to work it out anymore. People say that you can see your partner’s passion and care for your romantic connection in fights and misunderstandings.

When you feel like you are only getting a “sorry” after a misunderstanding, evaluate it if you receive enough explanation of why you fought in the first place. 

If you walk past through a fight without fully resolving it, that is one of the red flags. Because when the same issue pops, it will initially go back to the past mistake, which could create a catastrophe.  

Feeling invalidated 

Emotional invalidation can cause trauma. It is upsetting for anyone who would feel this. In most cases, it disrupts the relationship and can lead to detachment from your loved one. 

Do you feel that your partner doesn’t value your opinion? Especially in decision making? If yes, it counts as being invalidated, and that is a glaring dating red flag. 

Always absent

Have you noticed that your other half isn’t there when you need them the most? Especially when you are going through a rough time? 

Just keep in mind that your partner should be of the people who will cheer you and someone that you can rely on every step of your way.  

Failed Commitments

Do you feel that your partner has commitment issues? That is a real problem that surely needs an immediate solution, and that is a major Filipino dating red flag. 

Most Filipinos are very intimate when loving a person. They tend to invest in love genuinely. That is why they get easily discouraged if someone does not feel the same way. 

In romantic relationships, the fear of commitment could cause attachment insecurity. In psychology, they say that people who have this problem may not show it at first. However, over time one can feel the detachment in days, weeks, or months. 

Over here is a list of the things that will show if you or your partner are having commitment issues; 

  • Having second thoughts on significant steps in your relationship like moving in together or getting married. 
  • Only dating casually to avoid being in a serious relationship.
  • Not looking forward to the future or not seeing yourself along with your other half. 
  • The presence of many theoretical questions like “Does my partner truly love me?” or “Am I ready for this type of relationship?” (Though it’s reasonable to ask oneself but when it is countless of time, there’s a need to reassess your relationship) 
  • Not having a fear of losing them in general 

Differences in traits and values

For you to achieve a healthy connection with your partner, you must know your emotional boundaries. It is a vital aspect when it comes to forming a relationship. The effect would make you feel violated with your standards and principles, so you have to be transparent on your moral code. In that way, it will be easier to find someone on the same level when dating. 

Being raised in a conservative and religious country, Pinoys have values that mold them as they grow older. Understanding and respecting that can make a big difference in dating a Filipina.

Tip: If your partner is not showing respect, there’s no assurance that there’s a strong foundation.  

Clash of financial stance 

So many couples are sensitive to this topic and would say it’s off-limits. However, money talk is a crucial component in building a long-term relationship. 

It makes a massive impact on the choices you will be making in the future. To be clear, it’s not about finding someone who is financially stable. It is more about having someone that has a mature mentality in handling finances. 

Thus, if you feel that you are not on the same page or do not have similar values of handling money with your partner, you must reconsider it. Or else it’s going to cause a bump in the road. 

Lack of ambition 

Ambition is an attractive quality for many. Hence, that applies to many of the Filipino singles. It is undeniable that it is fascinating to see when a person is passionate about their job and career. 

Another point is that you can see your partner’s care when they think of your future and how they care to support you financially. 

Overflowing greediness 

Pinoys are known to be giving, so when you or your partner is selfish, that is a straight-up Filipino dating red flag. 

There is a lot that contributes to this. One is if one of you only focuses on oneself’s happiness. A relationship should know and value each other’s needs. If you do not do the practice of giving and taking, then that is one warning sign. 

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The ex is the star 

Though not all people who still follow their ex on social media or mention them generally mean that it is a red flag. Perhaps, it’s their way of showing that they have already moved on. 

However, if your partner compares you to their ex, that is another story. That shows how they are still attached to their ex and that it’s unhealthy for both of you. Here are guides for you to see if your partner hasn’t moved on yet;

  • They lean on their ex emotionally when they have problems with you or in life.
  • They regularly check out their social media and like almost every post.
  • When they get excited to go to an event where they know that their ex will be there
  • They feel too nervous when they run into their ex accidentally.

Deals with vices and addictions

When someone with deep-seated vices and addictions, it can be troubling for the person and the partner. It has become a deal-breaker for a lot of people. And, for Pinoys, this case is discouraging and a big turn off. 

Physically abusive

Any abuse that is present in a relationship is not acceptable. Physical, emotional, mental, and sexual abuse is not tolerable. It is a solid deal-breaker. Always remember that you deserve if not better than the best. 


Being hot-tempered is normal, but it is an alarm for you to wake up from a toxic relationship if it occurs regularly. 

Anger issues can cause someone to do and say things that they will eventually regret. Before it may lead to any physical violence, let them get professional help. And reassess your relationship if it is still worth it or not. 


Being cheated can cause you emotional trauma, especially if your partner did it not only once or twice. But countless times. Even on the first one, never justify their wrongdoings because of your failures. After all, cheating is cheating.

Even though some people would say that “Everyone deserves second chances,” that doesn’t apply to everything. You have to give yourself time to heal. Never pass on the time to reevaluate your relationship. Take time to think and ask for professional advice or from friends and family.  

Negative thinker 

Keep in mind that most Filipinos are optimistic. If you keep bringing a negative vibe, you’re guilty of one of the major Filipino dating red flags. 

Your partner doesn’t introduce you to their friends or family.

Aside from being family-oriented, Filipinos are known to be good at socializing. You can put them anywhere, and they can pick up on the topic quite quickly. 

Filipinos get offended if their partner doesn’t introduce them to people. They will feel discouraged. Thus, it’s one of the red flags when dating a Filipino. 

Too Boring 

To entice, when dating someone, is a must. Especially at the beginning of a relationship, you have to show things that can interest them. Being dull when dating a Filipina can cause your connection to fail. Hence, a sense of humor is vital in dating Filipinos.  

So, you are already aware of the Filipino dating red flags. If you are looking for your ideal Filipino or Filipina, there are tons of Philippine dating sites to venture. Thus, a must-try is You can connect with thousands of online Filipino singles. It is a tried and trusted Filipino dating site. Visit us right now!

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