Dating A Younger Filipino: Things You Should Know

Dating can feel difficult at times, especially if you’ve been in the game for a while. While you’re dating young Filipino singles, sometimes the reason the relationship gets rocky is that you have a hard time understanding their personalities and their culture. If you continue reading, however, you might have a better idea of what goes through a younger Filipino’s mind while they’re dating someone. Here are a few things you should keep in mind.


Careers are important for young Filipinos. A commonly cited reason may be financial stability, but their generation also has another big motivator– their interests. Filipino millennials place importance in maintaining a meaningful occupation, particularly one that falls in line with what they are passionate about. Most of all, they want to make their mark in the world. They want to contribute something to society.

Career security is also something they tend to prioritize, as unemployment is a common problem for people around their age. Getting a job is hard enough in itself, which is why some people end up working outside their degree’s profession. If they’re lucky enough to have an occupation that they truly enjoy, you can expect that they’ll do almost anything to keep that job– even if it means compromising their romantic prospects.

Don’t feel too down in the dumps if your date gets postponed for overtime work. Find a compromise between your schedules. Try to find a balance between setting aside time to hang out and get to know each other without sacrificing your careers. Don’t be afraid to call them out if they tend to blow you off for work often though.

Not Ready for Marriage

If you’re the type that dates to marry, you might want to wait a few more years before popping the big question. Marriage isn’t exactly something a young single Filipino considers immediately while they’re dating, especially with how the economy is lately.

Many prefer cohabitation for a few years, establishing themselves first before even considering marriage in the first place. This likely stems from the desire for stability in all aspects of life, especially financially, before one expands their family.

If young Filipinos are extremely committed it is because they’re already emotionally invested in a relationship. Most, however, does not mean all. If you’ve started dating someone, make sure that you’re on the same page when it comes to the relationship. State your intentions clearly, whether you’re dating to have fun or to marry.

Large Family

If you’re dating a young single Filipino, you’re not just wooing them– you’re also wooing their family. A major part of Filipino culture is close family ties, and that includes extended families. Besides meeting the parents and making a good first impression, you’ll also need to get along with your partner’s siblings, cousins, tiyos (uncles), and tiyas (aunts).

Filipino family playing

It stands to reason that if you want your relationship to work out, you’ll want to earn the family’s approval too. Here are a few things you can keep in mind and help you get started. 

First, always be respectful. In some cultures, you’re allowed to call your partner’s parents by their first names. In Filipino culture, however, that is frowned upon. Instead, call them tito or tita, which, while loosely translated to aunt or uncle, has a slightly different connotation for Filipinos. It’s a respectful yet more familiar way of calling a friend’s parents compared to sir or ma’am.

Using po and opo is also advised, to avoid coming across as rude or too assertive when you’re speaking. Pagmamano is also something you should practice when greeting elders. It’s a gesture of respect where you press the back of their hands to your forehead.

Most importantly, be thoughtful and inclusive when it comes to your partner’s family. Make a mental note of special occasions, such as their birthdays, and make sure to celebrate it with them. It is one of the best ways to get along with the family, allowing them to see your sincerity in getting to know your partner and your commitment to the relationship.

Modern dating

Modern technology and the internet has made forging new connections easier– even romantic connections, thanks to dating apps. This allows people to find partners that are sure to have something in common with them, saving them the hassle of feeling out a person and their personality. In addition, having a good starting point ensures that your relationship gets off on the right foot.

You might be surprised to know that young Filipino dating isn’t quite the same while their relationship progression is slower— they tend to marry after an average of 5 years- they don’t exactly attach the same importance to physical intimacy as older generations do.

Are you ready to find love?


Nowadays, physical intimacy serves as a way for most millennials to determine their initial compatibility with their partner. You should keep in mind, however, that Filipino culture is still deeply rooted in conservatism, particularly for older generations. While younger Filipinos are more uninhibited, their family isn’t. If you’re physically intimate with your partner, it’s best to keep it under wraps while speaking with the family.

Young Filipino couple dating

The prolonged dating period before marriage doesn’t mean that they don’t take relationships seriously– in fact, it’s the opposite. Younger Filipinos want to lessen the chance of having a failed relationship, so they take their time getting to know the person they’re dating. The longer dating period allows them to fully explore their partner’s personalities and in consequence, identify the chemistry of the relationship.

Practically speaking, however, they also take this as a chance to determine your financial stability. While it isn’t the focal point of dating, it’s something that can majorly affect a relationship in the long run. You don’t exactly need to be an oil tycoon or business CEO to date a young single Filipino. A good credit score and minimal outstanding debts are enough.

This doesn’t mean, of course, that they’re exempt from that evaluation. If the person you’re dating sets unreasonable standards that they don’t fulfill, then you might want to talk to them about it. 

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Fluent in English

If you’re dating a younger Filipino, another thing you should know is that they’re incredibly proficient in speaking English. Young Filipinos are more articulate in speaking English. It has many causes, from the Americanized education system they follow to the English saturated media they consume every day. In some cases, they might even speak English way better than they speak Filipino.

You won’t need to worry about miscommunication if your partner is a young Filipino. Although that only solves the verbal aspect of it, it’s a good start towards being able to express your feelings and in turn, understanding theirs. 

Don’t take their English speaking skills for granted though, as effort should go both ways. Try to learn their native language too, especially if they grew up in the province. Besides English and Filipino, they might also know Bisaya, Bicolano, or Ilokano. You don’t necessarily have to learn it alone. You can turn it into a bonding activity with your partner by getting them to teach you a few words every day.


You won’t run out of date ideas if you’re dating a younger Filipino– they’re open to new experiences. Travelling and sightseeing is something they particularly enjoy. With the countless amazing sights and sceneries that the Philippines has, why not plan a countryside trip once in a while? 

Filipino Foods

Food trips are also a surefire way into a younger Filipino’s heart, as their culture considers eating as a social activity.  They enjoy exploring cuisines both inside and outside their country. If you’re open to trying new food, you’re in for a treat– Filipino cuisine sometimes involves the wildest ingredients. From animal entrails to unborn chicks, there is always a surprise around the corner. 

Strong religious beliefs

One of the most integral parts of Filipino culture is its deeply rooted religious beliefs. While the majority of young Filipinos are Christians, some follow a different religion — such as smaller branches of Christianity, Protestantism, Islam, and more. 

Depending on your personal beliefs, sometimes it can be hard to understand the source of their devotion. It can even affect their way of living. If that’s the case, the best you can do is avoid ridiculing them and making rude jokes about their religion. Their beliefs serve as the source of their strength in times of hardship. Even if you disagree with their principles, you should still respect where they’re coming from.

Summed Up Wisdom

As a final word of advice, use these tips as a guide, not as a definitive set of rules. While these are the usual trends observed with young Filipino singles, there is always a chance that they don’t follow the norm. Each person is individual, they have the freedom to speak and react unpredictably. To truly get to know them, you should make the effort of paying attention to them and treating them as a person with their traits and preferences.

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