How To Make A Filipino Fall In Love With You

Filipinos are known to be naturally romantic, but nowadays, they see passionate partners as rare. As a result, some of them are hard to pursue. There are a lot of ways to make a Filipino fall in love with you. The good thing is that TrulyFilipino has compiled everything you need to know about this matter. Don’t worry, this guide on how to win a Filipino heart will be for both Filipino and foreign men.

Making a Filipino fall for you is hard if you will rush them. Courtship in the Philippines often takes months or years, so it’s all the hard work, and there are no shortcuts to doing this. You must also have pure intentions and know from the start what to say to your Filipino crush because they can sense if you’re pretending or not.

If you are of pure heart, then this guide is for you. You will have an easier time understanding this read. Below are the essentials on how to make a Filipino fall for you.

Be Romantic

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Flowers and chocolates automatically come into the mind of men when they hear or read the word romantic. But it doesn’t always have to be like that. Being romantic also involves sending them love letters, serenading them with a love song you both can relate to, and doing something they hasn’t experienced yet(but also something they’ve been wanting to do for a long time.)

Be Chivalrous

Show your Filipino match that being a thoughtful still exist in this day and age. Because the world is getting modernized each passing year that even in the Philippines, people are getting more liberated making chivalry a lost art. Chivalry is definitely not dead.

We have to remind ourselves as gentlemen to be chivalrous. Ladies fall hard for guys who know how to take care of their ladies, while women know how to love their men.

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Be Understanding

While everything in this article is essential, this one is something you must always remember when in a relationship. Without understanding your partner, forget being in a relationship with them because you will only end up wasting their time.

Filipinos need to be understood because they have essential values instilled in them by their parents at a very young age. If your partner is working and doesn’t have enough time to go on a date, you should always understand and support them.

Even with their busy schedule, they will always find time for you. This is an “If there’s a will, there’s a way” situation.

Be Thoughtful

Being thoughtful isn’t just about giving gifts. That will bore anyone in the long run.

Filipinos want to be taken care of and appreciated for their efforts of taking care of you. It’s good to shower them gifts, but it’s better to do unique things for them such as cooking their favorite food, bringing them to a romantic place, and finding time to appreciate their overall qualities.

Let that romantic side of you stand out to make them head over heels for you.

Be Present

a couple kissing in a field of flowers

Take time to visit them, whether at work or at home(but ask for their permission first.) If you happen to be in a different area code, you could always chat with them via video calls through TrulyFilipino. Also, be attentive to what they’re talking about to make them feel you are mentally present and not just chatting for the sake of connecting with an online date.

You can also visit them once a year if it permits your schedule or budget. They will appreciate your effort in traveling to see them in their home country. After doing the first five guidelines, you start to ask yourself: How to tell if a Filipino likes you? The answer to this question will be when the next directive comes into play. Carry on.

Be Close to the Family

Family ties are almost unbreakable in the Philippines. Therefore it’s a significant step up for a a person when their Filipino partner decides to introduce him to their family. Thus, you don’t want to get off on the wrong foot with their family, especially with the father.

Filipino fathers are very protective of their children, especially their daughters. They don’t want them just to date and hang out with random men. They want the best for their princess who will take good care of her the way they took care of their daughters.

Try your best to create a bond between you and their family. You will have more brownie points once your Filipino partner sees that you get along well with their family.

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Be Friends with their Friends

Getting on the good side of their friends is another plus.

However, you should wait for the opportunity to come. When the time comes if they ask if you’d like to meet their friends, give them a resounding yes.

Just be yourself when you get to get to know their Filipino friends. Don’t be a pretender and force things to impress them. It’s important to remember not to be too friendly with their friends of the opposite sex. Doing so will make them think that you’re going over the line of friendship. That’s the last thing you want if you have plans of being with them in the long run.

Be An Open Ear

a couple talking

Always listen to what they say even if it sometimes gets annoying. You will have your time to talk if it comes to that situation. If they have a problem they want to talk about, lend your ears and attention to the conversation while making eye-contact.

You can also offer them some advice about their current situation, but only give this one upon request. It’s important to make them feel heard by the person who’s making them feel special.

Be Honest

For a Filipino, a romantic partner should always be honest in every way. This means not only telling the truth to them, but also showing them the real you. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. You will only be lying to yourself and most especially to your beloved Filipino partner.

Honesty starts from within yourself for you to be honest with everybody else around you.

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