10 Top Tips for Dating a Filipino Man

Dating a Filipino man is like entering unfamiliar territory. We don’t really know what to expect more often than not, because every person we meet brings something new to the table. 

Such a case is especially true if we pursue people from different origins. 

For example, Filipino online dating is a vastly different experience from American, Thai, or Russian dating. After all, traditions and cultures help shape these men. 

Those who didn’t grow up in the Philippines, or without Filipino families can expect to stumble a couple of times throughout the dating period. Even those who have had past beaus can’t always guarantee smooth sailing when dating Filipino singles. 

It’s important to note, though, that complicated doesn’t mean impossible. By doing our research, we can help minimize any troubles that we may encounter when establishing relationships. 

So, without further ado, here are the 10 top tips for dating Filipino men:

1. Endear yourself to their family

Many Filipino singles come from families that go beyond the basic unit consisting of parents and children. Sometimes, the families they live with can even include grandparents, aunts and uncles, and even distant cousins. 

Growing up with such large families typically results in Filipino men being family-oriented. Given this, we can only expect to meet the family at one point in the relationship. If our families are incredibly close to their loved ones, we may also need to earn their blessings before our relationships progress.

Now, meeting such a large group of people is probably an overwhelming concept for those who come from small families. Not to fret, though, since there’s one thing we can do that can help endear ourselves to our partner’s family.

Show respect. That’s it. Being pleasant and courteous in conversation is one thing, but learning the intricacies of Filipino respect is another matter entirely. We can begin this lesson using po and opo — Filipino words often spoken in conversation with elders or people you don’t know.

Two more words to consider using are Tito and Tita. Translation-wise, these words are close to uncle and aunt. However, Filipino culture considers these words as a warmer way of referring to a partner’s parents. 

Using these terms can also earn us brownie points, as they show that we’re invested enough in the relationship to learn our partners’ language. 

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2. Prepare to go slow

As much as they adore their families, many Filipino singles aren’t ready to establish their own yet. Tying the knot is a far-fetched idea for them since they believe they have much to do in their mid-twenties to their early thirties.

So, those of us who are dating a Filipino man with the intention of getting married should know that it may take a while to achieve this goal. We mustn’t get too upset, though, since there is a plus side to engaging in a long relationship.

One is ample preparation time. By taking it slow, we can thoroughly flesh out our plans with our partners. Be it about careers, living situations, or even children. Plenty of time means you’ll be more confident by the time you take things to the next level.

Second is compatibility. Rushing into matrimony may lead to relationship problems in the future, especially if our relationships began with Filipino online dating. To prevent that, we can instead take the time to get to know our partners fully. A way to do so is cohabitation.

Living together will give us a glimpse of what marriage life may look like, beginning with habits that aren’t typically seen outside the home. It also helps us tackle one crucial factor in marriages, which is finances.

Potential money problems lead us to our last consideration: stability. This is especially important for young couples who have yet to build up their careers. 

Relationships with moderate paces give us the space we need to explore ourselves outside our partner’s spheres. We can take the time to pursue our current careers or even change it should we find ourselves unsatisfied with our situations. 

While our partners can support us during these times, they also have the chance to step back for a while if it gets overwhelming, a luxury that married couples don’t necessarily get.

3. Support their dreams and aspirations

Dreams and aspirations are part of what makes our partners unique. Careers may be necessary for Filipino men, but many also look beyond their moneymaking jobs when it comes to life fulfillment. 

Our current and future partners likely have passion projects that they pursue in their spare time. If not passion projects, then side gigs or even personal businesses allow them to build themselves up outside of their careers.

There may come a time when our partners introduce us to their dreams and aspirations. When we reach that crucial moment, we must remember to provide our full support. 

It may be a difficult concept for some people. More so if said partners wish to pursue something risky. If that’s the case, we shouldn’t discourage them from the get-go. Instead, we can take the time to discuss the pros and cons.

Whatever their decision may be, it’s good for us not to diminish their interests and efforts. When dating a Filipino man, support and encouragement can go a long way, especially if they are on a rough road to achieving their dreams. 

4. Respect their religion

Catholicism and Christianity are widespread in the Philippines, but there are other religions present as well. There’s a likelihood that the Filipino men we are dating come from deeply religious backgrounds. It’s one of the most defining features that Filipinos have, which also results in warm-hearted partners.

Filipino men follow various religious practices, from reciting the rosary to attending Church every Sunday. At some point in the relationship, they may ask us to join them in these practices.

It’s alright if we have different beliefs (or non-beliefs) as our partners. If we feel uncomfortable with the notion of partaking in these practices, it’s best to inform our partners immediately. This way, we can ensure that both parties are heard in the relationship. 

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5. Learn their language

Schools in the Philippines teach English as a second language, so Filipino men are usually fluent in speaking and writing. While this will help communicate with them better, we should also note that Filipino men are multilingual. Often, with another language as their mother tongue. 

Tagalog, Hiligaynon, and Bicolano are only some of the many languages spoken in the Philippines. Taking note of these, we can deepen our bonds with our partners (and by proxy, their families and friends) by taking the time to learn the language.

We don’t need to be fluent in it. After all, it takes years to master any language, but it does pay to learn common phrases. “Mahal kita” (I love you) “Napakapogi mo” (You’re so handsome) are some that will surely get our partners’ hearts racing. Meanwhile, “salamat” (thank you) and “kumusta” (how are you) are handy in everyday conversations.

6. Pay attention

Filipino culture teaches men the importance of strength and resilience. Both admirable traits that often manifest in Filipino men bottling up their emotions.

It pays to pay attention in this regard. After all, communication is a vital component of any relationship. Suppose we see our partners holding back their opinion, or perhaps feeling uncomfortable about a particular situation or topic. In that case, we should offer them a way out or a chance to speak.

Another thing to consider: Frequent heart to heart talks may also be new concepts to our partners. We shouldn’t be discouraged, though. We can slowly incorporate these talks into our relationships to encourage our men to open themselves up and be vulnerable.

7. Make them laugh

Filipino culture places great importance on happiness and laughter. As such, Filipino men love to laugh. It’s one of the best medicines and gives people an escape from their daily turmoils. So if you’re dating a Filipino man, humor is incredibly important.

The difference in cultural backgrounds shouldn’t stop us from making jokes for fear of being misunderstood. There are several ways to work around this difference, beginning with our experience in the Philippines. Filipino men know how difficult it can be to live in the country, and often they joke about it to make light of the situation.

Pickup lines are also excellent go-to’s for those who haven’t been around long enough to make jokes about the country. They may be a bit corny sometimes, but they will surely bring a smile to our partners’ faces.

On the other hand, some topics to avoid are family and religion as a sign of respect. Appearances and interests are also topics that may be too sensitive for our partners to make fun of.

8. Prepare for an adventure

Dating a Filipino man means immersing yourself in their traditions and culture. The first stop? Filipino cuisine.

If we can only use one word to describe Filipino cuisine as a whole, the best word to use is Flavorful. Thanks to the country’s rich history, dishes all around the Philippines boast bold flavors, often touching upon savory, sour, bitter, and even sweet tastes.

So, be prepared to eat a lot of food, especially since Filipino men love their meals.

We’ll get to experience some Filipino foods in proper dining spaces, many others in casual settings like the streets. Another bonus is that provinces have different specialties as well. 

Those of us who come from different backgrounds may find the experience intimidating. That’s fine. However, it’s good to keep in mind that we’re losing out on potential new favorites if we don’t give Filipino foods at least one try. 

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9. Give them space

Like in other relationships, all parties need to have the space to grow as individuals. Said space gives us time to explore our interests, deepen other bonds, or even recuperate from daily events. 

It’ll do our relationships plenty of good if we set the occasional Alone Time. An important note about this, though, is that it requires trust from our partners and us. Trust in that the relationship will stay secure and safe from any potential detriments.

So, it’s best to thoroughly discuss such matters with our partners before engaging in Alone Time. This way, we can even set guidelines and boundaries to ensure that everybody is happy with the arrangement.

10. Enjoy the little things

Not every relationship is the same, but they share commonalities in that big and small things make up relationships. First meetings and anniversaries fall under big things. These help us recognize milestones in our relationships.

As monumental as these events are, we should treasure the little things as well. The way our Filipino men go out of their way to carry our bags. Or even take an hour out of their busy schedules to set lunch or phone dates. 

In turn, we can give our partners compliment, schedule dates ourselves, and even cook them their favorite meals outside of special occasions. These activities, while seemingly inconsequential, contribute to our endeavor to deepen our bonds with our partners.

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