The Difficulties Of Filipino Online Dating And How to Overcome Them

Online dating is an excellent alternative to offline dating. It allows people to connect quickly, no matter their location in the world. However, both new and experienced online dating singles are intimidated by the prospect of finding love online– the former due to the things they’ve heard about it and the latter for the seemingly fruitless results they’ve experienced.

Filipinos are friendly, humorous, and romantic, making them one of the best romantic partners to have. Online dating in the Philippines might feel unnerving, but you shouldn’t let that keep you from finding love.

If you’re feeling lost when it comes to Filipino dating apps, worry not– we’re here to help. While online dating can be hard at times, finding the one through this platform isn’t impossible. Here are a few things you should keep in mind if you want to navigate the online dating landscape safely and enjoyably.

Finding the right app

Despite what you may think, not all Filipino dating apps are made equal. Each comes with its own set of features, but not all are useful for online dating. If you end up with the wrong app, you might have a more challenging time finding a match. 

There’s more to choosing the right dating app besides its aesthetics and the number of features it has. An app with fewer features can be better than one with more, especially if the smaller apps possess the essentials. Here are a few essential functions that make for a good dating app.

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Dealing with account verification

Account verification is essential to avoid online scammers and catfishers. For example, one app requires a profile to have at least seven seconds of video before considering it verified. While that method isn’t foolproof, it at least adds a good layer of security. That’s enough to deter most scammers from using the app.

Sorting through profile filters

One of the online dating’s most significant advantages is the more convenient connections. However, dating apps shouldn’t just settle with that. A good app helps you avoid the tiresome process of getting to know someone who turns out to be incompatible with you. 

The best way to do this is through extensive filters. It increases your chances of getting matched with someone you’re sure to like. Even singles who are veterans of online dating should keep this in mind. It might be the reason you do not see much success.

Breaking the ice

Most singles turn to online dating because it has less awkward interactions. Unfortunately, less doesn’t mean zero. If you have a hard time starting a conversation, even online, then you should also look for an app that helps get the ball rolling. 

If you find an app that has these features, you’ll have a better online dating experience. In some cases, online dating in the Philippines doesn’t feel like how offline dating does. That leads us to the second possible reason why online dating is hard– conversations behind the screen can feel artificial at times.

Dealing with superficiality

Offline interactions are more genuine due to many factors. The most important one is that you can see the face of the person you’re talking to, as well as their reactions to what you say. Filipino dating apps tend to reduce that to text messages and emojis. 

The idea of experiencing those kinds of conversations, again and again, makes finding love online a far off dream. However, there are many ways you can have a more genuine exchange with your match besides meeting them in real life.

Instead of communicating primarily through chat, you might want to try talking with your match through voice or video calls. Don’t do this right after you match with someone, though, as not everyone is comfortable calling someone they just met.

Seeing and hearing each other will also help deepen your relationship. It lends a better sense of realness to your interactions, more than what text-based communication ever will.

As a plus, it’ll be easy to see if your date is really, as their profile describes. Calls are especially important because some singles tend to fabricate what they say in their description– one of the main reasons online dating is hard.

It’s easy to lie about your information

To look more appealing, a little bit of exaggeration here and there is sometimes needed. However, some people take it too far and create an incredibly far persona from how they are. If you’ve experienced both sides of the situation, you’ll know that lying about yourself helps no one.

Keeping up the facade you’ve created will gradually take its toll on you. On the other hand, your match will feel hurt that you were lying about yourself throughout your interaction. Instead of making things up about yourself, try to look at yourself from a new, more positive perspective. That way, you’ll still come across as appealing and genuine to anyone that views your profile.

Sometimes, people lie about their information for more malicious reasons. You should always remember that you also open yourself to risk if you’re going to start online dating.

Comes with risks

Online scammers, frauds, and harassers are common in online dating apps, especially apps that don’t verify their profiles. While more secure apps reduce your chances of encountering scammers, it doesn’t entirely keep you safe. Here are a few things you should avoid if you want to have a more pleasant online dating experience.

Online scams are aplenty

Online scammers are who you’re most likely to encounter, especially if you’re using Filipino dating apps. The numerous scammers online are one reason why account verification is an essential feature for a dating app. Unfortunately, even the most secure apps are unable to detect the smarter scammers.

The most important thing to remember regarding online scammers is that you should never give money to them. Even the smallest amount will incentivize them to continue asking you for cash. The best way to determine if your date is a scammer is by looking at their profile. A profile with little to no pictures is something you should avoid. 

Also, scammers will avoid showing their faces as much as possible. They will refuse video calls more often than not. If they ever accept your call, they’ll make sure that no discernable features will be visible from their video.

Risking your data

You’re always at risk of getting your data stolen online– even when you’re using online dating apps. Lower the chances of compromising your data by using complex passwords. In addition, make sure to use unique passwords for each of your online accounts.

While talking to your match, don’t give away any of your personal information. You should also avoid opening links or downloading files that look suspicious. Finally, you should protect your device with a reliable antivirus, on the off chance that the app you install contains malware.

If you ever feel unsafe or uncomfortable with your match, remember that disconnecting is as easy as blocking them or uninstalling the app itself. Unfortunately, the ease of stopping your communication can be a double-edged sword at times. 

Ghosting is real (and common)

Sometimes, your match can end up becoming unresponsive to your messages– a phenomenon that singles have now coined as “ghosting.” “Ghosting” is done by people who don’t want to break a relationship off by themselves. Instead of talking to you and rejecting you, they leave you alone and wait for you to get the hint and give up.

Unfortunately, this is an integral part of online dating. Try not to take it personally. Your match might have realized that you were both incompatible and decided to cut loose before things got serious. The best you can do is steel yourself if you ever feel that you and your match are drifting apart. 

It doesn’t always transition well to real life

So you and your match are hitting it off well online. As you get closer to each other, you eventually decide to meet in real life. In some cases, that first meeting can end up ruining the relationship. After the date, you might end up talking less often, and eventually, don’t speak at all.

Many reasons could happen, but unreasonable expectations are the most common ones. As a person continues talking to someone they like but can’t see, they gradually start setting expectations. Said expectations can involve mannerisms, appearance, and demeanor. Once they meet in real life, that expectation is inevitably unfulfilled, which is why some end up disillusioned with the match they once liked.

The best way to prevent this from happening is by meeting as soon as you’re comfortable with the idea. It will help keep expectations from becoming too unreasonable and even help further the relationship. 

Online dating in the Philippines can seem daunting at times, but hopefully, these tips will help you have a more pleasant experience. These tips aren’t something you should strictly adhere to, but they’re useful guidelines to follow if you’re new to the online dating scene.

Finally, the most important thing you should remember is prioritizing your safety and comfort while interacting with other people online. If you’re having a good time, the conversations will also flow easier. Given time, you’ll be able to find a match where you’re happy with each other. 

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