9 Biggest Differences Between Online Dating And Traditional Dating

Many dating options are available to singles today. However, many still struggle to decide between online dating and traditional dating. While most singles prefer conventional dating, one can’t deny that online dating also has its perks. To help you decide between both, here are some ways online dating is different from traditional dating, especially if you’re dating in the Philippines.

1. Meeting people takes much less effort

Encounters are one of the most significant differences between online dating and traditional dating. Traditional dating mainly depends on chance encounters. While there are many places where interested singles can mingle, not everyone can muster up the courage to talk to a random stranger. 

Online dating takes away the inconvenience of going beyond your comfort zone to see new people. Dating apps and websites allow you to connect to anyone, no matter the location. No need to prepare and look your best before going to a club or blind date.

When dating online, you won’t need to prepare to meet new people physically. However, there’s still something else you need to work on before you start—namely, your dating profile.

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Online Dating and Traditional Dating

2. First impressions aren’t all about appearances

Instead of physical appearance, romantic prospects now determine someone’s appeal through their dating profile. While this is less demanding than working on your looks, it still requires effort for other singles to see you at your best. You’ll have to work on making your profile stand out against the many users of the app.

A profile is a peek into what you’re like– from your personality to your hobbies and interests. You’ll want to strike the delicate balance between expressing yourself and being as appealing as possible. A well-written profile is vital for online dating in the Philippines. It’s one of the most significant factors a dating app considers when filtering profiles for matches.

Unfortunately, not everyone can describe themselves accurately and customize their profiles well. If this is your first time trying online dating, you should keep in mind a couple of things for a more enjoyable time. 

3. The right words to say are all different

While traditional dating may be all about that right pickup line or friendly compliment, you talk to people with your profile when you’re online dating. Avoid putting in generic sayings or bland descriptions of what you like to do. Instead, add a conversation starter to your profile and phrase it in a way that you can hear yourself saying it. You’ll not only catch someone’s attention, but you’ll also be able to get them interested in you.

Most importantly, don’t lie about yourself! While you’ll need a bit of creative writing to make yourself look more attractive, you shouldn’t go too far from the truth. Otherwise, the matches you do make won’t last long since they’ll find out that what you say doesn’t match up with what you do.

4. You’re aiming for picture-perfect

Don’t forget about your pictures! While we did say that online appeal doesn’t rely on physical appearance as much, that doesn’t mean that it won’t be a factor anymore. A profile picture helps dating app users attach a face to the name of their possible partner. That’s why you’ll want to select a few images that show you at your best.

If you’re having trouble choosing your pictures, a safe choice is pictures of you doing the stuff you like. That’s not only a step up from generic images of just your face, but also gives your viewer a glimpse of your interests.

These are just some tips to help you get started. As you continuously update your profile and learn more about online dating, you’ll be able to find techniques that work for you. Given time, the dating app of your choice will match you with someone that you’ll think is ‘The One.’

5. Finding “The One” is possible

Profile filters are one of the most significant advantages online dating holds over traditional dating. It’s the primary way dating apps put singles together. Suppose you provided the right information in your profile. In that case, you’d be able to easily find a match that you’re sure to find attractive. 

This feature will save you a lot of time and effort in your Filipino dating experience. Instead of going through the cycle of getting to know someone incompatible with you, you can match with people that at least have common interests with you. 

As your feelings become more intense, you and your match will progress the relationship without worrying about encountering each other’s relationship dealbreakers. Conversations will also proceed more smoothly since conversations will flow more effortlessly.

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6. Talking to your date feels easier

Communication is one of the foundations of online dating and traditional dating. However, traditional dating often requires that you develop your skills as a conversationalist. If you don’t, your dating experience won’t go well.

If you’re used to traditional dating, then you’re bound to have experienced some of the struggles of poor communicators. Maybe your date was too talkative, leaving you no room to talk about yourself. Or perhaps you’ve gotten tongue tied one time too often and ended up making a date feel awkward.

Fortunately, online dating lessens, if not removes, that difficulty. You may not notice it, but physical interactions carry more pressure compared to online conversations. If you’re talking to your match online, you’ll feel more comfortable. You’ll not only have more time to think of your reply, but you’ll also be able to converse without feeling awkward.

As a plus, there’s no need to reply immediately after receiving your message. You can get back to your conversation at any time of the day. The slower pace of interaction is another reason why singles of Filipino dating prefer finding love online.

7. You can chat at your own pace

Traditional dating tends to restrict interactions to when couples meet. However, not everyone is capable of seeing their partner face-to-face frequently. Lack of time is particularly applicable for the career-oriented, whose schedule consists of work, work, and more work.

Online dating helps singles find romance – even those who are busy with their work life. It’s easier to find the time to interact with your match online since almost everyone has a phone nowadays. Instead of getting to know your partner through physical dates, you can do so gradually through online messaging. You’ll still be able to deepen your relationship, even if you can’t meet often.

Online dating seems preferable compared to traditional dating, mostly due to its convenience and effortless usage. However, online dating is not always sunshine and rainbows. You should also consider some things if you’re planning to try online dating in the Philippines.

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8. Scams are common

From catfishing to money begging, there are many kinds of scams on the internet. One shouldn’t be too trusting of whoever they meet on a dating app. Otherwise, you might end up loveless and penniless. If you’re a newcomer to online dating, there’s no need to worry – here are a few warning signs you might be talking to a scammer:

Love at first sight

Online scammers express strong emotions for you shortly after you connect. They do this to get close to you quickly and make themselves feel more trustworthy. If a person you’ve matched with confesses their love to you when you haven’t even met, then you should be on guard.

It’s all about the money, money

An online scammer may request financial assistance from you due to various reasons. The most common one is because of a medical emergency, may it be of their own or a family member. Another would be a lack of funds for necessities. No matter how dire their situation may be, it’s best to play it safe and avoid giving them any money at all.

Next time, for sure

Meeting offline is an essential part of online dating, but online scammers will postpone that meeting as much as they can. Often, plans to meet are delayed last minute because of numerous emergencies. In some cases, those cancellations may come with a request for a loan. If your date asks for money for transport, then it might be a scammer looking to get what they can from you.

Always be on the lookout for these signs when online dating in the Philippines. While a string of dire circumstances isn’t impossible, it’s best to play it safe and avoid giving out money or personal information online.

9. Interactions can feel artificial for those used to traditional dating

Online dating is convenient, but sometimes there’s nothing like seeing someone in person. Talking to someone behind the screen can make a relationship feel cold since you don’t know how they react to what you say in real-time.

Singles new to dating, in general, might not find this a problem. If you’re a long time traditional dater, though, then you might have a more challenging time adjusting to this change. Just give yourself a bit of time to adjust. Some apps also offer video and voice call options. If the apps you’re using have those features, make full use of them.

Final thoughts

Online dating has many pros and cons, but the former outweighs the latter. As long as you’re careful and alert, you won’t need to worry about getting scammed online. 

Finally, you don’t need to choose between online dating and traditional dating to find love. Online dating only serves as a bridge to conventional dating, as it helps you meet and interact with new people more easily. To have a more successful love life, you’ll need to use both methods of dating effectively.

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