10 Foolproof Tips for Using Online Dating Apps in the Philippines

Filipinos are kind, humorous, and romantic. With those traits, it’s no surprise that many prefer them as romantic partners. Dating a Filipino isn’t that hard. They’re welcoming and friendly, so approaching them is easy, even through online dating apps. 

While meeting in real life is the dating norm for Filipino singles, you can’t deny that online dating is also an option many consider. The digital medium allows even the most socially awkward single a chance for love. Foreigners and travelers in the area also prefer this option. It enables them to connect with many people despite not having been in the area for very long.

With its ease of use and convenience, Filipino online dating is now more prevalent than ever. Unfortunately, not everyone experiences success while using online dating apps. If that’s the case for you, don’t be so quick to blame yourself. Take a look at these foolproof tips for using online dating in the Philippines. Whether you’re a new or experienced dating app user, read on– you might learn something new.

1. Choose the right app

Selecting the right app for Filipino online dating is crucial if you want to increase your chances of success. You can expect to experiment with different online dating apps and websites, especially if you’re new to online dating. Experienced users aren’t exempt either, as not everyone can find their match in one app. 

While it’s unavoidable, continuously trying out app after app can get tiring after a while. Here are some tips to help you pick out a better set of dating apps in the Philippines:

Check out reliable websites for information about the latest and trending dating apps. Make a list of the ones that seem interesting and trustworthy. Take a look at their respective reviews– overwhelmingly positive reviews are a good sign of an excellent dating app.

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It would help if you also looked at the app’s primary demographic since those will be the people you’ll meet through the app. You can find out that information usually through the application reviews, but some apps include it in their marketing campaigns. That’s why if you’re considering various applications, you should do your due research.

Once you’ve selected one or two online dating apps to try, there’s nothing left to do but to create a profile and find your match. 

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2. Work on your profile

While online dating apps connect you to potential matches, your profile keeps your prospects’ attention. That’s why it’s essential to create a profile that presents you at your best and your most relaxed state.

Take a bit of time to work on your profile. Use a picture that displays you at your best. If you’re having trouble selecting a pic, ask a friend for help. Even better, you can have an impromptu photo session with your friends– all to take that perfect profile picture.

Finally, write a brief description about yourself. Keep it simple. Talk about your interests, as well as the kind of relationship you’re pursuing. Perhaps you can also include a witty joke to show viewers your brand of humor. A well-written description will make it easier for you to look for like-minded Filipino singles.

3. Use the search filters

If you want to find Filipino singles that are your type, make sure to take advantage of your online dating app’s search filters. Take some time to explore the app’s features and see how well it works.

It might seem like a hassle to use search filters, especially if you have difficulty expressing your thoughts into words. However, if you give the app as much information as you can, they’ll be able to match you with someone who’ll surely be your type.

Most apps have a wide range of criteria to sort with, from interests to occupations. If you have a pretty good idea of your type, feel free to be specific as possible with the filters. Be careful, though! While it’s alright to have distinct preferences, you should avoid letting it limit your matches severely, lest you have no one to talk to at all.

4. Don’t be strict with your preferences

Your preferences shouldn’t be absolute. They just serve as starting points so that you can have a more comfortable conversation with your match. It would help if you weren’t too focused on finding a partner that only checks all the boxes. Eventually, your chats will feel monotonous after continuously talking to people with similar tastes.

Sometimes, meeting someone who’s the polar opposite of you might lead to a refreshing and more enjoyable dating experience. You’ll get to see things from a viewpoint you usually wouldn’t consider. Perhaps your type might be something thought you wouldn’t notice.

There are some exceptions to this tip. Don’t try to force a date to work if you both have irreconcilable differences– also known as relationship deal breakers.

5. Identify your relationship deal breakers

Unlike preferred traits, relationship deal breakers are non-negotiable. You should think about what your deal breakers are, especially if you’re using Philippines’ dating apps for a long term relationship. If you don’t, you might end up separating from a partner unexpectedly, even if you both have deeper feelings for each other.

If you haven’t given it much thought, then now’s a good time to do so. For example, would you want to have children in the future? Do you have any vices you can’t stand? Think about it carefully and figure out if there are things you can’t stand if your partner does it.

After you’ve established your relationship deal breakers, you’ll find that your Filipino online dating experience will become easier. You’ll be able to talk to Filipino singles and become closer to them without any worry.

6. Keep it light

If you have good chemistry with your partner, you might feel tempted to open up about yourself. Don’t get too comfortable and overshare. No matter how nice your partner may seem, that doesn’t mean that it’s alright to talk about your emotional baggage one month into the dating phase. Even the most kindhearted Filipino single will end up breaking it off.

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A relationship needs time to progress and become deeper. Take that time to get to know your partner and enjoy the ride. It’s alright to ask for a bit of emotional support, but know when to draw the line. Your partner will appreciate it.

7. Set up a physical date

Once you’ve become more comfortable with each other, set aside time to meet up and go on a date. People who first meet online tend to create expectations about a person they haven’t met personally. That’s why you should see each other in real life at least once, to keep those expectations from becoming unreasonable. 

Of course, just because you’ve met in real life doesn’t mean that your relationship is smooth sailing from now on. Sometimes, meeting a person you’ve been talking to online can make one feel disillusioned. Don’t be discouraged if you and your date end up drifting apart because of that. If you’ve decided to meet early in the relationship, you’ll be able to save yourself from a harsher, eventual heartbreak.

8. Maintain your profile

After mingling in the Filipino online dating scene for a while, some tend to forget to update their profiles. Your profile represents yourself, which is why you should keep it as accurate as possible. Change the picture every month or so. 

Rewrite your description as well. Maybe you’ve picked up a new hobby, or you’ve found a new interest. If you share a bit about yourself and how you’re doing, you’ll come across as more genuine to your potential matches. 

9. Know when to take a break

Online dating isn’t always smooth sailing. There are still days where you don’t see anyone you’re interested in, or, even worse, no one seems interested in talking to you. Don’t take it personally. It might just be a sign for you to take a break– especially if you’re starting to feel frustrated.

Take a few days off from online dating apps once in a while. The mental rest will do you right. You’ll come back feeling better and more confident, which is essential to have when it comes to online dating.

10. Be yourself

Most importantly, be yourself. It can be tempting to put up a front if you want to be appealing to your romantic prospects. However, it’s not right for you and your potential partner in the long run. You’ll get tired of forcing yourself, while your partner will feel hurt that you lied to them.

There’s a difference between presenting your best self and flat out lying about yourself. It would help if you were aiming for the former, which you can achieve with a change of perspective. If you’re having trouble seeing yourself in a positive light, ask a friend to help. Hopefully, you’ll become more self-confident in the process.

These tips are a surefire way to make your Filipino dating online endeavors easier. While these are certainly effective, you should still be ready for things not to go as planned. After all, unpredictability is the spice of life. Sometimes you’ll find greater happiness in the unexpected.

Finally, be patient and have fun. It’s easy to get lost in the flow of swiping left and swiping right, looking at profiles, and talking to your match. Don’t take it to heart if things don’t go well.

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