Manila Dating: A Short Guide To Meet Singles

If you’re in this article page right now, then you’re probably planning on meeting and dating Manila singles. But the problem is you haven’t got a single clue how because this is new territory for you. If you have a high success rate of scoring dates in your country, then it’ll be no trouble for you to get some in the capital city of the Philippines.

Also, you have us at TrulyFilipino to make it much easier for you. We will help you find a dalagang Pilipina or maginoong binata who suits your personality and matches who you’re looking for.

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What you are about to read is a short guide on Manila dating and a quick overview of the Manila singles you will meet.

Let’s get started.

What are Manila singles like?

You have probably seen Manila single members in TrulyFilipino already. They are attractive and ideal, but wait until you meet one in person. Filipinos are naturally pleasant and kind. They have the qualities that will get you hooked immediately. They are also very thoughtful and will take care of you in every possible way they know. But keep in mind that they also have a feisty side.

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Many have said that Filipinos are the most attractive people in Asia. From having the right combination of Asian and Spanish features that separates their beauty from the rest of the Asian nationalities.

Where to meet Manila singles?

Don’t look too far because you are already on the right avenue. TrulyFilipino is the best dating site to find and meet Manila singles. But if you’re currently in Manila and don’t want to spend hours browsing profiles in TrulyFilipino, then you can meet singles at specific places during the day or night. We’re talking about the day game and night game — two periods of the day to look for dates.

Meeting singles in Manila in the day game is easy, especially for foreigners like you. Go to any mall in Manila or a park in the nearest neighborhood. It’s guaranteed you will have a plus one when you walk out of their doors. Plus, it’s not hard to talk to Filipinos because they have superb English speaking skills. All you have to do is walk right up with a friendly smile and speak kindly.

You can also log back into TrulyFilipino and find who’s nearest to your location and meet them immediately.

If you prefer the night game, then clubs and bars are the best places. Makati and Quezon City have the best nightlife venues you will ever find in the Metro Manila region. You’ll find tons of Manila women going out to clubs. Life in Manila can be so hectic that’s why clubbing and bar hopping, especially on weekends, is their way of getting rid of stress.

But if you’re looking for a chill place to relax and have a pleasant conversation that you can hear adequately, coffee shops are scattered around the region along with all kinds of your potential Manila date.

Just don’t forget to approach them kindly and not in a predator-type of the way for they will surely be turned off by that. They are not easy, but talking to them is.

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Kinds of singles you’ll meet in Manila

There are two kinds of Manila singles nowadays. The first type is worth your time and effort, while the second type are the ones you should avoid. Let’s elaborate on that for you to know which ones are good and the bad.

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But we assure you there’s no ugly in terms of physical aspects. The ugly will only be the situation you’re in if you don’t take these tips to mind.

The Good

These are the independent career people and the educated ones. Fortunately for you, they are open to dating foreigners like you.

Some of these single Manila men and women have no preference when it comes to race, mainly because they had the right education that opened their eyes which made them see that the world today is beyond what race you are. They are also used to living in a city where foreigners come and go. So don’t think twice about dating singles in Manila because you’re afraid they might zero you out. They can afford their drink.

The Bad

Now that you already know Manila singles are open to dating foreigners, you also have to know that you have to avoid some of them. After all, it doesn’t hurt to be cautious especially when finding a date.

The people you need to avoid are the ones on dating sites that say they have sick family members or worse, underage girls. You also have what they call the pros, the “money on my mind” type.

These are hookers who will wait for foreigners offering a good time and the next day you’ll find yourself with an empty wallet or worse.

Manila dating tips you should keep in mind

Let’s say you have found a someone from Manila who you think is the one and don’t want to let them slip away. Just follow these additional Manila dating reminders to guarantee the relationship.

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Work on your cultural differences

The singles you’re used to meet in your country are different from the singles you’ll meet Manila. This is obviously due to the differences in culture. Although some are open to date foreigners, they still have that Filipino shyness and a reserved personality instilled in them.

Filipinos like to keep it this way to attract the best matches there are on the market. This is a big deal in the Philippines because Filipinos have to get the approval of their parents and all that.

If ever you’re a foreigner looking for matches in the Philippines, understanding Filipino culture should be in your to-do list.

Listen to them

Manila singles love to converse, especially when they like the one’s they’re talking to.

When it’s their time to talk and share things, it’s essential to listen to everything they say. They make it a big deal if you remember every detail they shared about them. Listening and taking into mind all the things they talk about is a sign for Filipinos that someone is interested in them.

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