Where To Go For The Perfect Date In Pasay

Pasay, a highly urbanized city in the Philippines, is packed with restaurants, parks, museums, and other ideal dating spots for you and your partner. Whether it’s your first time in Pasay or you’re simply tired of traveling to more distant locations for a date. Below is a variety of some of the best places perfect for you and your date in Pasay.

But always keep in mind, before leaving your house or entering these places, remember the proper COVID-19 protocol – always wear masks, sanitize your hands, and observe social distance from everyone in the area. Never forget to bring alcohol because you need it from time to time. But above anything else, don’t forget to enjoy your date, take as many pictures as you want, savor every moment with your partner. 

1. Manila Ocean Park

Manila Ocean Park is a very famous go-to place for lovers, friends, and especially families. It is a perfect place to have a date in Pasay because it has a theme park filled with marine life in an oceanarium which is a walkthrough of the park’s underwater depths, leading you to different sections of the park.

In this oceanarium, you not only get to see different marine lives, but you also get to learn about the marine life of the Philippines. The water in this theme park comes from the filtered water of Manila Bay and is home to thousands of marine creatures from different species that are all indigenous to the Philippines and Southeast Asia.

If you would want to stay for the night, they also have an aqua-themed hotel perfect for you both. Manila Ocean Park is located behind the Quirino Grandstand.

2. Star City

Another one of the most famous date places in Pasay is Star City. An adventurous date awaits you if you and your partner would prefer to visit Star City and try out different rides and attractions. Star City is an amusement park for people of all ages and is the best place for a date if you’re both looking for something fun and exciting. The amusement park houses over 30 different indoor and outdoor rides and attractions.

If you’re worried about getting hungry in the middle of your date, don’t worry because the amusement park has around 80 different food stalls that can help fill your stomach as you continue to enjoy the rest of the amusement park.

And if you want something that you could take home as a remembrance of your date, you can just look around and look for the nearest souvenir shop from where you’re standing, because Star City has over 100 shopping booths that you could choose from. This 35, 000 square meter amusement park is located at Vicente Sotto Street, CCP Complex. 

3. The Dessert Museum

If you want an instagrammable, mouthwatering, and something to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings, then Dessert Museum is just for you. This is not your typical museum; it’s a 12,000 square foot dessert play with 8 delectable themed rooms, each with a different dessert for all those sweet tooths out there.

As you enter the rooms, you will be offered samples of various sweets that correspond to the room. It also includes trivia walls, which you may want to read as you go. The Dessert Museum is located at s Maison below Conrad Hotel Manila. 

4. Upside Down Museum

Another instagrammable museum that you can visit is the Upside Down Museum, which makes you see the world from a different perspective and give you an out-of-this-world experience in each of their rooms. Make sure to have your cameras and cellphones ready because in this museum, one picture is not enough, and of course, show it off to your friends and followers and make them see and wonder how you achieved that picture.

The museum defies gravity because everything you see in the room is backward, inside out, or upside down, and everything challenges your imagination. If you’d get hungry in the middle of a pose, the museum also has a cafe, where you can grab a bite and recharge your energy for another set of striking poses. This unique and interesting museum is located at Boom Na Boom Grounds, CCP Complex, Roxas Boulevard. 

5. Lakbay Museo

An educational yet fun and modern museum that teaches you the different cultures and traditions here in the Philippines, with a very interactive modern gallery that you and your partner can enjoy and take pictures of. Lakbay Museo is the first-ever interactive Philippine millennial museum.

In two hours, it is a 1,000 sqm facility that can take you to the different cultures and traditions in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. It showcases different culture-filled exhibits such as sari-sari stores, jeepneys, different native clothes, and many more. Filipino cuisines are also there, in case you both want to fill those hungry stomachs in. You can visit Lakbay Museo at S Maison, Marina Way, Mall of Asia Complex.

6. Intramuros

If you’re wondering where to date in Pasay, another spot where you can learn about some Philippine history would be the Intramuros. It shows a glimpse of what the country looked like during the Spanish era.

Intramuros is known as the “walled city” and is one of the capital’s oldest districts. Intramuros was once said to be on the verge of breaking because of its irreparable damages caused by artificial and natural disasters and lack of maintenance. Today, there has been minimal commercialization of the district, despite restoration efforts. 

7. Fort Santiago

A famous spot in Intramuros is Fort Santiago, where we learned in our history class, where the late Dr. Jose Rizal, the Philippines’s national hero, was imprisoned before his execution. Fort Santiago is a well-maintained spot and is one of the famous tourist spots in Intramuros.

It is the oldest Hispanic stone fortress in the Philippines and played an important role as the citadel of Intramuros. You can expect to see old dungeons, old theaters, and kalesa (carriages) that surround Fort Santiago. During the Spanish era, Fort Santiago served as a defense fortress for the Spaniards. Make sure to check out Fort Santiago when you’re visiting Intramuros. 

8. Seaside Dampa

Seaside Dampa is the perfect place for a date in Pasay with your partner if you’re into seafood. It’s not only famous for its dining experience, but Seaside Dampa is also a market where you can buy the freshest kinds of seafood in town. Seaside Dampa is known to be the best seafood place in Manila.

You can choose any fresh seafood of your liking from the variety of choices they offer and have it cooked the way you want it to at their nearby restaurants. You just have to simply pick a restaurant from the market, choose from their menu of seafood, and you can decide how you want them to cook your food.

In Seaside Dampa, you no longer have to go home and cook the dishes yourself. You can easily buy the seafood of your choice, have them cooked how you want it to be, and also eat it there at the same time, all for a reasonable price. Don’t miss out on this seafood place at Diosdado Macapagal Blvd. 

9. Harbor View Restaurant

A date at a restaurant overlooking the sea would be one of the perfect and romantic dates you and your partner could ever do. You can achieve that date idea at the Harbor View Restaurant where you can eat right next to the view of the sea. They have a variety of food choices, from plates of seafood down to any local cuisines. You and your date would just have to bring yourselves and enjoy the good food and the scenic view, and you both can go home with a happy heart and a satisfied stomach. This restaurant is located at Katigbak Parkway, Rizal Park.

10. SM Mall of Asia

SM Malls are located everywhere, every city, every province in the Philippines. One of the biggest SM Malls is located here in Pasay, the SM Mall of Asia is one of the most famous and the largest shopping malls in the Philippines, which also makes it a tourist attraction to local and foreign people, for many reasons.

It not only has different local and international shops, retail stores, and restaurants in it, but it also has some entertainment areas, such as the IMAX theatre, an Olympic-sized ice skating rink, the MOA Eye Ferris Wheel, a convention center, a children’s playground, a sports area, and many more.

Aside from all these, the mall is situated near Manila Bay, where you can go visit and watch the sunset with your date while enjoying a seafood buffet by the bay. If you want a laid-back yet romantic date with your partner, then this place is definitely for you. You can visit and enjoy the MOA Mall located at 123 Seaside Blvd, Pasay.

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