From Photo to Bio: The Perfect Online Dating Profile

The accessibility of online dating has completely changed the way we meet new people. With the advent of the internet, online dating has now become the preferred option of many. However, not everybody is successful in their endeavors of finding online love. Whether it is because they are new users or new to the area, inexperience can seriously limit online dating success – especially when it comes to making the perfect online dating profile.

Fortunately, you need not make your online dating journey blindly. If you read on, we’ll teach you the best ways to get more matches by focusing on the most crucial internet dating aspect – your online dating profile.

The Basis of Swiping Right (or Left)

A successful online dating experience is one that is often dictated by the participants’ physical appearance. To establish a solid first impression on another person, you’ll need to place great importance on how you present yourself to the public, like how you dress and how you carry yourself. If you’re feeling confident, and this confidence reflects in your demeanor, you’ll find you’ll have an easier time attracting more romantic prospects. 

You should note, though, that this isn’t entirely the case for online dating. Your looks play a part, true, but your online dating profile’s layout and description are also factors you need to consider. They, alongside your profile photo, work together to create a holistic online representation of your IRL (for the online dating newbie, that means in real life) persona. So, a well-crafted profile is sure to maximize your appeal and increase the number of matches you get on any dating site. 

Knowing this fact is different from making it a reality. Not everyone knows how to start creating an online dating profile. If they do, it may be lacking in certain aspects. There’s no reason to fret, though, since we’ll help you get started with these profile creation tips. Plus, we’ve also come up with some examples that you can use as references. 

The Best of Me – Online Edition

Before we can dive into some prime examples of online dating profiles, you should first understand what defines a well-crafted dating profile. While these tips are mostly for new users, experienced online data might learn something new — especially if it is your first try with Filipino online dating.

Without further ado, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Click! Share That Photo

Self-expression is a must. You can achieve so by incorporating photos in your profile, but there’s a limit to how many you should share with others. Typically, around five to seven is enough if the site permits it. Using too little might make your profile look bland (or even sketchy for some users) while using too many will make your profile appear oversaturated.

With that being said, the photo limit also presents a few challenges– namely, repetition. Make sure that none of the photos you choose are too similar. Include at least one body shot and limit your selfies to just one or two. If possible, some of the images should reflect your keen interests, too. 

Now that we’re on the topic of interests, let’s proceed to the next tip: Using your profile to express your interests. 

A Day In The Life

Everybody knows that we, as humans, value our potential (and current) partners’ looks. However, the infatuation resulting from physical attraction can only get a relationship so far. Conversations can’t be fueled by mere flattery forever, which is why you need to introduce another layer of yourself if you hope to further your acquaintance with another. 

You can do so by displaying your hobbies in your profile. And no, it’s not so much writing it down in the “About Me” section than actually showing that you’re doing a specific activity, may it be indoor or outdoor. In doing so, you’ll not only show some of your best moments, but you’ll also give viewers a glimpse of who you are outside the online sphere. In some cases, these hobby-based photos can even serve as conversation starters. 

The Right Words to Say

If you’re new to the Filipino online dating scene, then you might not know what to put in your bio. It would be best to understand that well-written online dating descriptions are vital for setting a profile together. Avoid being cliche and just saying, “I’m new here” or “I don’t know what to say.” 

Instead, write a few one-line descriptions about yourself, from your hobbies to your interests and aspirations. Even better, you can also include a conversational opening. It’s bound to get your matches more interested in you and gain you more messages in the long-run.

Now you know what to do to create a more appealing profile. If you learn better through examples, though, you don’t have to worry. Let’s look at these online dating profiles to understand better what a good layout looks like.

Tried and Tested

These profiles have utilized the tips above in creating their profile. In some cases, they even found new ways to increase their profile’s appeal. This is where you should begin looking if you want to have a good starting point for your profile.

Source: Bumble

You don’t always need to express yourself directly through words. Subtlety is also something that can work better for you. Take this profile, for example. Based on the layout, meanwhile, you can see that the user is also passionate about dogs. They also talk about their favorite movies in their description, letting viewers draw their conclusions about this user’s personality. 

Going with long descriptions is also an option, as long as it’s done right. The next profile is a perfect example of classic online dating descriptions.

Source: Zoosk

This profile might be too wordy for some, but it can also work for those looking to settle down. Instead of beating around the bush, the user has opted to describe their life briefly. They also stated what they’re looking for on the website. 

While this is a perfect layout for those looking for a committed relationship, you shouldn’t expect to get many matches from the get-go. Most users of online dating sites are casual daters– serious relationships are usually off the table.

Fortunately, long profile descriptions need not always go straight to the point. The next profile takes a more casual approach to write about themselves, leading to a lighter and easygoing impression.

Source: Match

This profile doesn’t delve too much into their details and instead talks about their interests and preferences. They keep things on the light side but still offer a bit of insight about their personality. Viewers will quickly see that this user is someone humorous and fun to be with.

Once you’ve found what works with your profile, you can start making your individuality shine. Your pictures and descriptions need not be cookie cut into what works. Some faces focus on showcasing one’s wit and humor.

Memorably Creative

Are you looking to express yourself unconventionally? These profiles make use of their layout in unique ways that are sure to stand out.

Source: Tinder

Unlike the standard profile, this user’s online dating description adapts a review format when describing themself. This entertaining and witty approach whimsically presents them, leading to a more appealing profile for the viewer. While it doesn’t say much about the person, it will interest potential matches to message them.

Source: Reddit

If you have experience in creative design, you might want to consider adopting this profile picture style. While the rest of this user’s photos are normal photos of himself, one particular picture was designed to parody a movie review website. 

This type of edit will showcase your design skills and emphasize your best traits more memorably. As a plus, humor is one of the best ways you can appeal to a potential match. If you make them laugh, they’ll be more receptive to your advances.

Source: Tinder

References are one of the best conversation starters in online dating. With the right quote, you can attract singles who have the same interests as you. This profile does just that by using a humorous line from a movie. While this runs the risk of limiting your matches, it has the benefit of letting conversations flow easier once you do find a romantic prospect.

Source: Reddit

Talking about yourself doesn’t have to be done in paragraph form. For example, this profile made use of their display pictures to create a presentation. However, they took a casual and lighthearted approach for the photos, which kept their profile interesting and concise. As a plus, their unique layout is bound to keep a viewer’s attention for longer than usual.

Source: Reddit

This profile is another variation on the presentation style theme. Unlike the previous example, this user decided to go for an even more concise description with a charming approach. They tell the viewer a few facts about themself without being wordy or long-winded.

Some profiles can also go the aesthetic route to express their visual creativity and imaginative side.

Artistic and Creative

Source: Tinder

This profile keeps it short and sweet with their description, while their picture is visually striking. Both work together to create an impression that the user is an artist in many ways. In some cases, a bio that is too short might end up losing a viewer’s interest. Ensure that you can capture any potential profile visitor’s attention and write your description well, even if it’s concise.

Creative profiles need not be brief in their description, though, as we will see from the next example.

Source: Tinder

This profile presents a pretty profile picture, as well as a few short descriptors about the user. Any viewer can easily see the personality of this user even if they only used little words. With their interests listed in their description, conversations won’t be hard to keep going.

These may be pretty great profiles to take note of, but keep in mind that you don’t need to imitate these down to the last detail. They best serve as your inspiration when creating your online dating profile. There’s no such thing as a formula for creating the perfect profile. That’s something that you should discover for yourself.

Instead of just going with what works, make sure to experiment with various layouts, pictures, and descriptions to see what gets you the most matches. If you don’t seem to be getting any messages, don’t be discouraged. As long as you continuously improve your profile, you’ll eventually end up with a Filipino online dating experience that’s enjoyable and fulfilling for you.

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