Car Date Ideas

The past two years taught us that everything has changed—dating included. Since going out isn’t the safest option, couples have gotten creative. For example, some have a car date to make up for lost quality time robbed by the pandemic.

Dating in cars isn’t a novel idea. This existed way before the pandemic began. However, it’s gotten relatively popular over the last two years for obvious reasons. Just because you’re in your car doesn’t mean things can’t get romantic. Trust us—cars and romance go hand in hand.

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Content made on Kapwing

Want to try a car date out yourself? We’ve got you covered! Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Eat to your heart’s content through a food trip

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Craving for something yummy? Satisfy your hungry stomach by going on a food trip! It’s a hassle-free idea because all you have to do is order out and (the best part!) eat. Feel free to dress up a bit—after all, it’s still a date! Even something as simple as this needs some effort from you both.

The best thing about this is that you don’t need reservations to grab a bite. Just pull up to your favorite resto and grab some takeout, line up at their drive-thru lane, or order at a place that has a curbside pickup option. Once all that’s done, it’s chow time! Just find a good parking spot and much away.

Our suggestion: try new eats at hole-in-the-walls. Not only do you get to try new things, but you get to support small businesses too! And in times like these, these joints need all help they can get to survive the pandemic.

2. Go out on a road trip

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You’re on the road already, so what’s the holdup? Turn a long drive into a meaningful car date!

People usually think of long drives as dull and uneventful. Well, allow us to flip that script! There are a ton of things to get excited about on the road. The scenery and random stops along the way to your preferred destination are worth looking out for.

Like all trips, you two should prepare accordingly for this one. Make sure to follow minimum public health standards, regardless of where you’re going. Also, make sure you’ve got enough money on hand to avoid being under budget. 

3. Cruise around through a short drive

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Don’t have a set destination? That’s okay! As cliche as this sounds, the journey sometimes matters more than the destination. Go and take your wheels out for a spin! Not only does it give you some much-needed quality time, but it also helps clear your head.

If you’re in Metro Manila, there are plenty of places for you to drive around for your car date. UP Diliman in Quezon City is the perfect place for this. The campus’s lush greenery is a nice escape from the urban jungle that is QC, so get your fill of Mother Nature without even leaving the city.

4. See a movie

While some countries have opened up their cinemas, we totally get it if you’re still feeling anxious about watching movies with a crowd. We have a solution for you: drive-in theaters. They’ve made a comeback when the pandemic kicked in, so don’t be surprised to see cars parking in front of a big screen.

Although nothing compares to seeing a movie inside a cinema, drive-in theaters give audiences a viewing experience that’s just as fulfilling as the former. You get to enjoy a film without worrying about extra legroom and social distancing since you’re in the comfort of your vehicle.

5. Have a picnic

Have you got ample trunk space in your ride? Great! Use that space to your advantage by having a picnic. This great idea works best if you’ve got an SUV or a pickup truck in tow. Got a hippie van? That’s even better!

If you don’t have the space, that’s okay. You can always open the trunk, put a picnic basket filled with your favorite goodies, park in a lovely spot, and enjoy yourselves. Make things sweeter (and warmer) by bringing a blanket you can share. Want to go extra? Hang some string lights to make things more romantic and outdoorsy.

6. Run errands together

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Not every car date (and dates in general) must be sophisticated and well-planned. Sometimes, the simplest ideas become the best ones. Let’s say, for example, that you two are constantly swamped with work from Mondays through Fridays. Weekends have become more sacred than ever since we’re all in an endless autopilot mode nowadays. Need some quality time? Squeeze that in by running errands together!

Does that sound sexy? No. Is it boring? Good news: it doesn’t have to be. Work with what you’ve got and make it fun for both of you. While you two are driving between errands, feel free to crank up the stereo and blast your favorite tunes! Music makes everything ten times more enjoyable.

7. Go camping

Are you two the outdoorsy types? If so, boy, do we have an idea for you!

Car camping has become popular over the last two years. All you need is their car, proper camping gear, supplies, Mother Nature, and the great outdoors. If you’ve seen pictures of tents atop cars in a campsite, that’s what it looks like.

You don’t have to buy fancy gear to make this whole setup work. Just get relevant ones and do some homework before heading out. The outdoors are pretty unpredictable, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Leave no trace before you pack up and head home, okay?

Whether you like it or not, car dates are part of a new norm in this pandemic-plagued planet. It won’t be the same as typical sit-down dates, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth a shot. The important takeaway here is that you two are still together despite the whole world being in a rut. That is worth celebrating. At least you two are each other’s peace amidst the chaos.

With that said, go out on a car date! We promise you that it’ll be a blast.

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